Texas Legislator Attacks First and Second Amendments for Police

A Texas legislator wants to make it a camera free buffer zone around law enforcement. Say you are in the back seat of a car and you are pulled over by a police officer. Because you are not sure why you were stopped and are not sure what to expect from the officer, you begin videorecording with your phone. If that happened in Texas, do you think you would deserve to spend up to 180 days in jail? Would you deserve to be shaken down for $2,000 to go into state coffers? Let’s change the Read more […]

Police Dept Settles with Man who Video-Recorded Police

When this man video-recorded police, they jailed him and took his phone. I am not sure this is good news because they are paying a mere $15,000. His lawyers are requesting that the city pay another $44,000 for the time they worked on the case. The Orlando Sentinel reports, According to the suit, [Alberto]Troche was downtown Orlando Dec. 7, 2013, about 2:30 a.m. when he saw a crowd and heard a man calling for help. The man was on the ground and was being arrested by Orlando police officers, Read more […]