The Proper Term for This is Good Police Work

Neighbors using their guns to protect neighbors from crime are simply doing good police work. One might call this “vigilante justice” but that would be a mistake. It is simply self-protection that was at work in this incident reported by the Daily Mail: “CITIZENS’ ARREST: Moment burglarized family ‘captured intruders at gunpoint after passing them in the street as they were on the way back from ANOTHER break-in’” The victims of a burglary captured their alleged intruders after spotting Read more […]

Father Deals with Daughter’s Pimp with Baseball Bat

We can be glad a baseball bat is still legal in the United States (in most places). But this took place in Memphis. According to the NY Daily News: “Tenn. dad attacks alleged pimp with baseball bat for trafficking 12-year-old daughter: police.” A Tennessee dad reportedly armed himself with a baseball bat while attacking a man he suspected of pimping out his 12-year-old daughter. The ferocious father’s intended punching bag, identified as Brian Jones, ended up calling Memphis police Read more […]

The Rise of the Taliban in London

A group known as Islam4UK has recently appointed itself judge and jury of the streets of London. In their efforts to “make a real change to the area,” they have targeted pimps, prostitutes, and pornographic ads as things to eradicate around town, in obedience to Muslim Shariah law. In fact, this is what motivates their entire effort, not necessarily cleaning up the streets of London. Although their seeming concern about rampant crime around town in laudable, the real concern should be that Muslims Read more […]