President Barack Obama Attacked Speech as if It Is Violence

In a speech that claimed to be about “tolerance” Obama attacked speech that “targets” people. The President is certainly entitled to express his opinion on what kind of messages are true or kind of helpful. But the way he handled differing views lead me to conclude that Barack Obama attacked speech as it is protected in the First Amendment. I conclude this from the way The Hill reported on his speech. Here are the opening lines of the article: President Obama stressed religious tolerance Read more […]

Kirsten Powers on Christina Hoff Sommers and the Violent Campus Cult

Christina Hoff Sommers remembers when professors and students would argue with her; now they try to ban her. I’m not a big fan of Christina Hoff Sommers or Kirsten Powers. But they both have their good points and those points are emphasized in Kirstin Powers’ column, “’Safe-space’ America dangerous to dissenters.” Christina Hoff Sommers has been speaking on college campuses for two decades challenging students to embrace what she calls “equity feminism” over “gender feminism.” In her Read more […]

Muslims Defend Homicides in USA Today Editorial

The media is giving editorial space in which Muslims defend homicides. I guess we can consider ourselves “warned.” USA Today obviously thought it was a good idea Thursday to print an argument that murder of those who “insult” Muhammad is not only “legitimate,” but apparently “right”: “People know the consequences: Opposing view.” Why did France allow the tabloid to provoke Muslims? Contrary to popular misconception, Islam does not mean peace but rather means submission to the commands Read more […]

Justified Shooting, Unjustified Violence

The community of Ferguson, Missouri, erupted in violence once again Monday night after a grand jury finally found that there was no reason to charge Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Several stores were reported burned, there was mass looting, and police cars were seen on fire, exploding as flames ignited ammunition in the trunks. There were numerous reports of automatic gunfire, and gunshots could be heard repeatedly over several live news feeds. A television news Read more […]

Journalist Fired for Telling the Truth

Modern Media:  State a Liberal opinion, get retained and promoted. Contradict Progressive insanity, lose your job. “It’s important to shine a light on this anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated America’s inner cities. …The underlying cause of all of this, of course: young black men growing up without fathers. Unfortunately, no one in the news media has the courage to touch that subject.” –TV Reporter Sean Bergin, making remarks that got him dumped from News 12 in NY/NJ. The welfare Read more […]

Transex Dystopia in CT: Young Men Pretending to Be Girls Can Be Dangerous!

Yesterday I heard this NPR report and it upset and disgusted me. The headline was interesting: “When States Can’t Control Violent Youth, Is Prison The Answer?” More than 4,000 children are in the custody of Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families. But it’s one girl, known as Jane Doe, who has galvanized advocates for juvenile justice reform and LGBT youth. Last month, a Connecticut judge approved a rare request from the state’s child welfare agency: to move the 16-year-old transgender Read more […]

Chicago Gun-Laws So Effective Governor Considering Sending In National Guard To Stop Violence

Chicago has some of the strictest gun-control laws in the nation.  They have their own ban on assault or assault-style weapons or high capacity magazines.  Guns have to be registered and they are now banned from any establishment that serves alcohol.  The city bans the sale of any firearm within city limits.  If a gun is stolen, the owner is required to report the theft immediately or face a fine. On top of this, the state of Illinois requires a Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card Read more […]

Blood is On Our Hands When Other People Murder

Morning Joe panelist Donny Deutsch railed against members of Congress who oppose expanding background checks “because they literally have blood on their hands.” The people who literally have blood on their hands are those who committed the murders. The gun didn’t do it. There are already laws against murder. Most if not all of the suspects in these mass shootings violated any number of gun laws. President Obama blamed Mexican gun violence on Americans. Vice President Biden wants to Read more […]

Stabbings, Stabbings and More Stabbings – Why Haven’t We Heard From Obama?

President Barack Obama and his blind following of liberal progressives claim that we must have all of the restrictive gun control laws to prevent violent crime.  Like most pathological liars, Obama tries to convince us that he believes in the Second Amendment and wants to defend it, but 100% of his actions say that he intends on destroying the Second Amendment and stripping us of our guns. If Obama is truly committed to reducing violence and believes in restrictive legislation to control the Read more […]

AZ Senate Bans Destruction of Guns From Buy-Back Programs

Over the years many cities have held gun buyback programs in an attempt to get guns off the streets and reduce crime. Many of the cities offer anywhere from $100-$200 worth of gift cards generally to grocery stores. Back in December it was reported that gun buyback programs make little to no difference in crime rates. According to a report from the National Research Council of the National Academies report (Firearms and Violence: A Critical Review) in 2004, the buyback programs’ effect on crime Read more […]

Flooding the Country with Ignorance

Maybe it was a challenge to see how many non-truths he could pack into one article, but Eric D. Snider’s diatribe about guns in movies at the website is filled with them. Of course, I never miss the opportunity to be informed about the American gun culture by a “prolific film critic,” especially when that same critic believes that the NRA (National Rifle Association) is dedicated to “flooding the country with guns.” And this comes in the very first paragraph. I knew I was in for Read more […]

Communist Terrorist and Obama Confidant to Speak at Annual Teacher’s Convention

The later part of the 1960s was a turbulent time in American history.  Anti-war riots were being held in cities all across the nation.  Some say it was a time to promote peace, with the hippy and free love movements, but to others, it was the time of domestic terrorism and violence. Ayers first rose to any form of prominence when he became head of the socialist organization, Students for a Democratic Society, in 1968.  Note how communists regularly use the term Democratic as being synonymous Read more […]