Creating a Climate of Moral Darkness

The Supreme Court has been legislating from the bench for the past 50+ years, unlawfully and unconstitutionally stepping outside of their scope of power. This branch has become a treacherous bureaucracy, which grows more corrupt day-by-day, robed in black, and giving the impression that they are a law unto themselves, when in fact they are not! In June 2011, the Supreme Court struck down a California law that would have banned selling “violent” video games to children, stating the games are protected Read more […]

Biden’s Single Good Idea: Study Effects Of Violence In Media

One of Vice President Joe Biden’s few, short-supplied intelligible remarks came Thursday when, to his credit, he suggested studies be carried out that examine the effects that “violent video games and media have on childhood development and behavior.” Kudos to him for not only using words with more than two syllables, but for being coherent. Such a rarity is always a treat. Of course, mixed in with Biden’s annual utterance of a single good idea always comes one stupid one–in Thursday’s case, Read more […]

Massachusetts Town Implements Violent Video Game Buy-Back Program

We’ve all seen how successful the gun buy-back programs have been in lowering violent crime in various places such as LA and even Australia. Now, the town of Melrose in Massachusetts is getting to the heart of the matter:  violent video games. It started when the Hyams family entered a rest stop in Massachusetts on Christmas Eve with their 12-year-old son and witnessed another boy playing a video game that involved shooting “bad guys” on the screen with a machine gun replica. Mr. Hyams Read more […]