Virgin Birth: Because God’s Grace Comes by Faith, not Works

What is the meaning of the virgin birth? Perhaps the most popular answer to that question is that it is necessary to believe in the virgin birth in order to defend and affirm the deity of Christ. Jesus is both God and man. If Jesus had a human father, then that would mean that he was only human. Another explanation assigned to the virgin birth is the sinlessness of Christ. Christ didn’t have a human father because a human father would have contaminated him with original sin. Jesus Read more […]

The Virgin Birth was not a Pagan Story

It is popular in some circles to claim that the story of the virgin birth was a pagan insertion into the teaching of the early Church. In various books one can easily find by scanning the shelves of the “religion” section in any decent bookstore this claim functions as a plausibility structure helping uphold the modern and post-modern culture of unbelief. It is used as evidence for the unreliability of the Gospels (though actually the claim presupposes that the Gospels are unreliable). Further, Read more […]