Why the Fear of God is Necessary for Social Peace: Mom Returns Lost $1000

Many people, even those who are not atheists, claim that the fear of God is a dubious attitude. Humans are better if they are innately virtuous, we like to think. I’ve seen this story portray a person as super-virtuous. But I think her attitude actually shows why the fear of God was present and why it is necessary. A single mother in Fargo, North Dakota, who works two jobs, was out running errands with her seven-year-old daughter. They spotted a wallet in a parking lot. The woman picked it up Read more […]

Promoting a Virtuous Society, Part 2

How are we to go about promoting a virtuous society? The first question is obvious: “What is virtue?” The Oxford English Dictionary says it is “behavior showing high moral standards.” And there is the rub. Whose standards are to be used? Some people believe they are virtuous because they don’t cuss, smoke, or drink. Others think themselves virtuous because they work hard and take care of their families. Some think they are virtuous because they don’t judge others or because they are Read more […]