People Provide for Woman Left Unprotected by Government

The police and National Guard left her unprotected. But people voluntarily helped this Ferguson woman. You know that a business owner pays lots of local taxes. These are supposed to cover things like police protection of local property. But the police don’t compete to win contracts with business owners. They have an automatic regional monopoly. Businesses can hire additional protection, but they can’t stop paying  for local police “services.” So the National Guard standing Read more […]

Volunteer Firefighters Should Not Be Exempted From Obamacare Unless Everyone Is

From the Associated Press (Tennessean website): FREEPORT, MAINE — Fire chiefs and lawmakers are working to protect the system of volunteer firefighting that has served rural America for more than a century but is threatened by an ambiguity in President Barack Obama’s health care law. Small and rural fire departments from California to Maine, which has one of the country’s highest percentages of volunteer and on-call firefighters, rely on volunteers to avoid the budget-strapping cost of paying Read more […]

Atheists Demand Voluntary Prayer Caravan Be Cancelled

Does the word ‘voluntary’ mean anything to atheists these days?  I bet if they asked for volunteers to help protest a Ten Commandments display at a public building that they would welcome them with open arms.  However, the thought of people volunteering to pray on their own time and travel with their own cars at the various local public schools is beyond toleration for one atheist organization. The past couple of years, hundreds of Cullman, Alabama residents have participated in the Prayer Read more […]