Obama Seeking Emergency Court Order to Restore Amnesty

An emergency court order could process illegal immigrants and thus make it harder to enforce an overturn of the executive overreach. The Executive Branch, including the Department of Justice, wants an emergency court order. What do you think are the chances they won’t get one? I understand that the Obama Administration disagrees with the judge’s ruling. But what makes that an emergency? Why not simply appeal the decision and argue in court? What is the need for an immediate suspension of Read more […]

Democrat Caught on Tape Stuffing Arizona Ballot Box

Democrats have a reputation for flagrantly cheating in just about every election that’s ever been held. Anybody recall those 59 district in Philadelphia in 2012 where President Obama got 100 percent of the vote, with not even a single vote for Mitt Romney? That one was so blatant that even though Snopes.com claimed it was false, the best defense it could muster was to say that it wasn’t a complete mathematical impossibility. Typically, when Republicans are accused of ballot tampering (whenever Read more […]

Ohio Poll Worker Voted Twice for Obama and So Did Her Granddaughter

For over a year leading up to the November elections, Republicans at state and national levels tried to pass laws to prevent voter fraud.  They pushed for photo IDs, like those used for driver’s licenses.  They also tried to purge the voter registration rolls of people that had died and illegal aliens who do not have the right to vote. Democrats fought to stop every law and action designed to reduce voter fraud.  Their argument was that the laws were racially discriminatory, as if blacks Read more […]

Suspicious Voting Machines Subject of FBI Investigation

Reports of suspicious voting machines were made during early voting in some states and on Election Day in a number of other states.  In Cleveland, a number of precincts reported 100% of the votes going for Obama. Among the states with questionable voting machine reports is Maryland, where state delegate Kathryn Afzali has requested the FBI get involved.  She said that she heard from a number of her constituents that when they selected Mitt Romney’s name on the voting machines that they were Read more […]

Is Voter Fraud Responsible for Removing a GOP Representative?

Allen West was (and is!) running in Florida for re-election to the House of Representatives. That race is not over. Or rather, the counting of the votes is not over. West is trying to get an honest count of the votes that can assure him that he and his supporters are not being defrauded of their votes. As Fox News reported Sunday Night, “Election officials in Florida are recounting some early votes cast in the hotly contested race for the state’s 18th district’s House seat between Tea Party Read more […]

A Brief, Final Motivation to Vote Today

Today is Election Day, and if you’re sitting there reading this and you still haven’t voted, you’re doing it wrong. Polling stations are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. If those hours don’t work for you, leave work early, take a sick day, take a vacation day, whatever you need to do. A few hours’ worth of pay is not nearly as important as voting to prevent your income from falling even more than it already has under Obama. If you work at a job that requires at least a week’s notice before you take Read more […]

Pets, Children, and Dead People Sent Voter Registration Cards in Virginia

Election officials in Virginia decided not to further investigate a group that had sent partially completed voter registration cards to dead people, children, and pets. The Romney campaign had called for an investigation, but is apparently satisfied that the group understands its misconduct and will work to avoid it in the future. Sure they will… avoid getting caught, that is. This recalls a famous (probably apocraphyl) statement by that great friend of democracy, Joseph Stalin: “It’s not Read more […]