Volkswagen Was Trying to Help Consumers; the Government Wants to Impoverish Them

The government is now going to punish Volkswagen to teach corporations to never again put customers first. From what I hear on the radio, I suspect some people are going to go to jail over Volkswagen and its “defeat devices.” I think they made the wrong decision. Going against state orders is dangerous. The Bible tells us to cooperate with tyrants and political bullies as much as possible and pray to God for mercy that He will remove them from power. But make no mistake: people who made Read more […]

Think Unions Are Opposed By Big Business? Think Again!

So, did you hear how workers at the VW plant in Chattanooga recently voted down an attempt by the United Auto Workers to organize? The union thugs were really, really mad about it, but they lost. Oh, but there’s more to the story now. Despite the vote of their workers, did you hear that VW is now bringing in the UAW anyway? I guess it’s just an elite disease to ignore the will of the people and do what they want, regardless of what anyone else thinks. As USA Today reported, In a move that’s Read more […]

Union Suffers “Crushing Defeat”; Voters Getting Wise

From the Wall Street Journal: The United Auto Workers union suffered a crushing defeat Friday, falling short in an election in which it seemed to have a clear path to organizing workers at Volkswagen AG’s plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. The setback is a bitter defeat because the union had the cooperation of Volkswagen management and the aid of Germany’s powerful IG Metall union, yet it failed to win a majority among the plants 1,550 hourly workers. Volkswagen workers rejected the union by a vote of Read more […]