The Democrat Legacy: Low Wages

Politico had an interesting headline this weekend: “The Democrats’ wage problem.” Democrats were gleeful this week when Donald Trump blurted out in Tuesday’s debate that “wages [are] too high.” But as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley prepare to debate Saturday night, the Democrats have a wage problem of their own: American incomes have dropped during the Obama presidency. It’s a vulnerability that Republicans haven’t figured out how to exploit, and it’s clearly one of the Read more […]

Target Raises Wages because of Market Pressure, not Politics

Should activists congratulate themselves when Target raises wages? Not much. Target stores have announced that they are raising their lowest wage to nine dollars an hour. Since the story at the Wall Street Journal site is tucked behind a paywall, I have to rely on’s summary: “Target Hikes Minimum Pay to $9.” What is noteworthy about the piece is that it submerges the substantial reason for Target’s decision in the midst of a great deal of verbiage designed Read more […]

Union Wages Don’t Matter if Cost of Living Rises

Union wages seem better until you realize they cause price inflation. Unions are desperately trying to make progress using illegal aliens but Republicans are getting ready to fight them. In preparation for that struggle, no doubt, The Daily Signal has published, “6 Myths About Right-to-Work Laws.” Many states and local governments are considering right-to-work laws. These laws make union dues voluntary. Without them, union contracts make paying dues a condition of employment. While most Read more […]

Recovery Delivers Sinking Wages for Younger Workers

Millennials are experiencing sinking wages across almost every industry. So we keep hearing about this “recovery” that is going on. Even in an article about descending wages, the writer rehearses the standard line. The evaporation of real wages for young Americans is a real mystery because it’s coinciding with what is otherwise a real recovery. The economy has been growing steadily since 2009. We’re adding 200,000 jobs a month in 2014. That’s what a recovery looks like. And yet, overall Read more […]

Leftists Smear Corporations to Attack the First Amendment

As the Hobby Lobby case continues, we find Leftists see an opportunity to attack both the First Amendment and corporations. Their response is similar to what you get when you offer a feline cat nip. Thus, from the Daily Beast: After all, corporations have been busily dodging religious values and moral culpability in driving down the wages of workers, fraudulently selling homes and then robo-signing foreclosures, and generally bankrupting the middle class while corporate profits have skyrocketed. Read more […]

Is This Where The Chamber Of Commerce Gets Their Desire For Amnesty?

I’ve asked more than once why certain people act as if we are in desperate need of immigrants to come here and work. Tom Donohue, the President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, actually said that we must have immigration “reform” as soon as possible in order to get “a full and diverse work force” in the United States. He made other statements that made it sound like we had a crisis in the United States of people desperately trying to get workers for new jobs. It seemed delusional. But Read more […]

Peter Schiff Exposes The Minimum Wage Law Scam

Peter Schiff went outside a Wal-Mart and engaged in some live, participatory, economics education. He claimed to represent an organization called “15 for 15.” The idea was that Wal-Mart workers are underpaid, and that his organization had a plan to pay them fifteen dollars an hour. Instead of being known for “everyday low prices,” the retail giant should be known for “everyday high wages.” What it would require was for Wal-Mart to increase all their prices by fifteen percent. There Read more […]