Dear Libs, Wal-Mart Is Not Your Piñata; The Candy Is Running Low

In this hurting economy (which I refuse to call a “recovery” for obvious reasons), Liberals have constantly turned to claims that raising minimum wage law will help the economy. Especially prominent in these discussions is Wal-Mart. The store chain is treated like a Piñata. If the government will just smack it around a few times, suddenly free goodies will come out for all to scoop up. Well, if people were satisfied with more jobs and lower prices, that idea might have some merit. But what Read more […]

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, Calls for Olympic Uniform-Burning

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, apparently in all seriousness, is calling for the 2012 U.S. Olympic team uniforms to be put in a pile and burned. The reason: they’re made in China. The 2008 U.S. uniforms were also manufactured in China, but since the Olympics were in Beijing that year, that seemed like a noble act of international solidarity rather than a national disgrace. It does raise the question of where we draw the line. It’s no secret that most American manufactured goods are made Read more […]