Socialist Bernie Sanders Admits Charles Murray Was Right About The Welfare State

Charles Murray’s book Losing Ground: Social Policy, 1950-1980 was the explosive expose scholarly work that showed how “the war on poverty” and social welfare programs destroyed people by increasing the problems they were supposed to solve. It was a very empirical work that depended on looking at results. From the data he analyzed, Murray proposed a law: The Law of Unintended Rewards: Any social transfer increases the net value of being in the condition that prompted the transfer. Any time Read more […]

Peter Schiff Exposes The Minimum Wage Law Scam

Peter Schiff went outside a Wal-Mart and engaged in some live, participatory, economics education. He claimed to represent an organization called “15 for 15.” The idea was that Wal-Mart workers are underpaid, and that his organization had a plan to pay them fifteen dollars an hour. Instead of being known for “everyday low prices,” the retail giant should be known for “everyday high wages.” What it would require was for Wal-Mart to increase all their prices by fifteen percent. There Read more […]

Wal-Mart Condemned for Asking for Help for Poor

An Ohio Wal-Mart had a couple of bins on display with a sign: “Please donate food items here so Associates in Need Can Enjoy A Family Dinner.” The group, OUR Walmart  took a picture of the sign with the bins and are spreading it around as proof that Wal-Mart underpays its employees. Pretty amazing. The bins were not for every employee. According to CNN Money, Wal-Mart spokesman Kory Lundberg said that particular store has held similar food donation drives for several years. The food Read more […]

Retail Stores: Sales Fall Due To Obamacare Insurance Costs & Uncertainty

Wal-Mart has reported a third consecutive drop in U.S. comparable-store sales. They also have issued a forecast which doesn’t expect the situation to improve. There are several things that have contributed to this drop in retail spending, but one thing that stands out is that executives believe Obamacare is affecting sales. The Wall Street Journal reports: “While it is not coming through in customer research, we do know that some of our customers are concerned about the impact of the Affordable Read more […]

Walmart & McDonald’s “Guilty” Of Helping Poor Get Welfare

Unlike Navigators who give false assurances to those who qualify for Medicaid, private industry consists of people who are properly motivated to deliver goods. It is a completely different world from the government system where goods are available that the qualified never hear about. So naturally, when McDonald’s and Walmart take an interest in the well-being of their employees, they produce real results. In this case, they show their employees what the government (without any lobbying on the Read more […]

Dear Libs, Wal-Mart Is Not Your Piñata; The Candy Is Running Low

In this hurting economy (which I refuse to call a “recovery” for obvious reasons), Liberals have constantly turned to claims that raising minimum wage law will help the economy. Especially prominent in these discussions is Wal-Mart. The store chain is treated like a Piñata. If the government will just smack it around a few times, suddenly free goodies will come out for all to scoop up. Well, if people were satisfied with more jobs and lower prices, that idea might have some merit. But what Read more […]

Food Stamp Shut Down a Sign of Bad Things to Come

“The people are about to riot” is not what you want to hear at the grocery store. Not only is the ObamaCare website a computer disaster, but there was a hiccup in the EBT computer system over the weekend. Reports are coming in that “shoppers left carts of groceries behind at a packed Market Basket grocery store in Biddeford, Maine, because they couldn’t get their benefits . . . The manager put up a sign saying the EBT system was not in use.” Comments from non-EBT shoppers are a little Read more […]

Low Taxes Aren’t the Problem

It’s really simple. The rich spend a lower percentage of their income on necessities. It’s not as if rich people are forced to pay more for bread or gas just because they make more. They might pay more for something than it’s worth, but that’s also their prerogative. It’s also the case that the rich are not impacted to the same degree by inflation. Of course, hyper-inflation will quickly make paupers of us all. But in this environment of steady decrease in the dollar’s value, the people Read more […]

Wal-Mart to Hire More Than 100,000 Recently Discharged Veterans

The Walton family in Bentonville, Arkansas still own the majority of Wal-Mart Stores Inc.  The company has grown to become the largest retailer in the world with almost 9,000 locations and 2.2 million employees (1.4 million here in the US).  They are the world’s third largest public corporation and the largest private employer in the world.  Their annual gross income for 2012 was just under $450 billion dollars.  Their subdivisions include Sam’s Club, Walmex, Asda and Seiyu Group. Over Read more […]

The Grinch that Stole Thanksgiving

My wife hates Christmas. Well, okay, that’s not quite true. My wife hates that Christmas trumps Thanksgiving. Every year, immediately following the Halloween promotions, stores and businesses gear up for Christmas. Trees and garland replace pumpkins and spider webs. Fall sales are quickly changed to Christmas or (more likely) holiday sales. Christmas music fills the radio airwaves for almost two full months as the Christmas push gets longer and longer. And except for being the day before Black Read more […]