How Inflation Robs Some & Enriches Others: Getting It Right

Today on Facebook I saw a picture of three grocery carts. The first was full of groceries, the next was less full, and the last one was almost empty. The three pictures were supposed to represent the buying power of the dollar and show how the Federal Reserve has robbed us of our buying power. It is true that the value of the dollar has been degraded. But that kind of illustration is flawed. The fact that a dollar buys less than it used to doesn’t automatically mean that we can’t afford as Read more […]

Media Whitewashes A Century Of Unconstitutional One-Percenter Domination Via Federal Reserve

One hundred years ago Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act. The Washington Post published a book excerpt about the creation of the law. But that doesn’t mean it says much about deliberations in Congress. The law wasn’t created b y Congress. The law was created by a secret meeting of the wealthiest of the wealthiest American bankers. We are supposed to believe that this is all entirely good for the country. The mustachioed man in the silk top hat strode to his private railcar parked at a New Read more […]

Warren Buffet: Obama’s Welfare Queen

The media is full of news about the (miniscule) “taper” that the Federal Reserve is doing. It is asking what will happen to the stock market. Yet this story appeared without any mention of Quantitative Easing or Federal Reserve stimulus. Warren Buffett gained more wealth than any other U.S. billionaire, adding $37 million a day, according to one study. Through Dec. 11, Buffett’s net worth—at least on paper—shot up by $12.7 billion to $59.1 billion in 2013 from $46.4 billion at the start Read more […]

Sandra Fluke and Ashley Judd Support Racial Superiority

Sandra Fluke, the college student who wants you and me to pay for her birth control, and Ashley Judd, daughter of Naomi Judd and sometime Hollywood actress, love contraception and abortion. Fluke believes contraception should be a “universal human right.” If Fluke and her friends want to keep from having children, I’m all for it. No one’s stopping them from not getting pregnant, just like no one’s stopping people from getting fat. If you want to lose weight; don’t eat as much food. Read more […]

Warren Buffett Supports Higher Taxes for the Other Guy

Warren Buffet believes that the super-rich should pay more taxes, a minimum of 30 to 35 percent. And why not? Buffett already has his fortune. He won’t be taxed on the money he already has. By taxing new money, Buffett and those like him eliminate competition. New competitors won’t have extra capital to purchase stocks like he’s been able to do. Let’s get Mr. Buffett to turn over money he’s already earned to even out what he’s calling on the government to do with current investors. This Read more […]