DC Police Chief Advocates 2nd Amendment as Counter Terrorism Strategy

View More: Previews News|60 Minutes News|Live News|More News Videos This is an astounding story! I don’t mean the content because that is just common sense: of course an armed person who is at the scene will be more effective than police who are not present. But I’m amazed that the police chief of DC endorsed this position. The Concealed Nation blog reports, “DC Police Chief Changes Tone; Citizens Should Be Prepared For Active Shooters And Terrorist Attacks.” While I’m still picking my jaw Read more […]

Judge Upholds Second Amendment for D.C.

The Second Amendment does not allow an infringement on the right to bear arms on the basis of “wise policy.” The Washington Post reports, “Federal judge again rules key part of new D.C. gun law unconstitutional.” Ten months after striking down the District’s long-standing ban on carrying firearms in public as unconstitutional, a federal judge Monday ordered the city to halt enforcing a key provision of the new gun-permitting system it adapted in response. As passed by the D.C. Council, Read more […]

Victory! DC Abandons Appeal to Stop Second Amendment

Giving up court case to stop Second Amendment, DC will acknowledge that residents can possess handguns outside their homes. Of course the trick here is that they will develop regulations for concealed carry that may be way too burdensome. The Washington Times reports, “D.C. gives up on ban on carrying guns in public.” Washington, D.C., will drop its appeal of a federal court ruling that overturned the city’s ban on carrying handguns in public, Attorney General Karl Racine announced Read more […]

Washington DC Freezes, Coldest since 1885

Where is global warming when Washington DC freezes and breaks a record of more than a century? The Washington Post website has a long detailed post on the cold weather that has taken up residence around and in our nation’s capital. In a post mid-week, then again yesterday, we pointed out how unusual it was to get two days with such cold readings last Sunday and Monday. The gist: you need to go back decades to see it. Then came round two. Yesterday’s high of 21 degrees in D.C. was just Read more […]

Override DC’s Election? Is a House Republican Stoned?

The headline from Rare.US says it all: “House Republican vows to block D.C. weed legalization.” I realize that many Republicans have no problem empowering the government to “keep us safe” from our own choices. But it is an entirely different thing when they disregard a legal and local election and overturn the results. Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) isn’t happy about Washington, D.C.’s decision to fully legalize marijuana Tuesday and has vowed to block that referendum from becoming Read more […]

DC Gov Sets Up Impossible Concealed Carry System

The courts struck down DC’s unconstitutional gun ban, so DC instituted an impossible system for getting a concealed carry permit. “Your honor, we need more time.” When the judge struck down Washington DC’s preposterously illegal gun ban, the city acted as if simply acknowledging the right to keep and bear arms was an unworkable burden. They claimed they needed time to implement a correct system. So what did the city rulers do with the time that the court allowed them? According Read more […]

Public School Is Anti-Education, Anti-Accomplishment; This Proves It

This revelation of our anti-education public school system is found at the Washington Post. It involves a straight-A child-prodigy that the DC school district is regarding as a truant. Avery Gagliano is a piano and violin player with an international reputation and who could have been given a criminal record in DC. Columnist Petulia Dvorak writes: “As I shared during our phone conversation this morning, DCPS is unable to excuse Avery’s absences due to her piano travels, performances, Read more […]

Watch Police Intimidation After Bicyclist Decides to Record Arrest

This is a pretty ugly instance of police intimidation. I highly recommend you watch it: In case it disappears from Youtube, below is the text that accompanied the video. I filled out a PD-99 Citizen Complaint form with MPD Sunday night and submitted it to Internal Affairs and the District 1 Commander. I heard back from Commander Jeff Brown and Captain Brian Harris on Monday afternoon, and again from Capt. Harris Tuesday night. Capt. Harris told me the officers shown were clearly in the Read more […]

A Second Amendment Victory!

Another decision sides with the Constitution and the Second Amendment! From the Shooter’s Log: “Federal Judge: D.C. Carry Ban ‘Unconstitutional’” Over the weekend, a federal judge in the District of Columbia overturned the District’s ban on allowing residents to carry firearms outside their home. Palmer v. District of Columbia is a landmark decision for gun rights — at least for the time being. The District of Columbia has said that it will seek a stay of the decision, which became Read more […]

Media Reveals White House is Working for DC Statehood

The media are making a big deal about Barack Obama officially claiming he is in favor of “home rule” for Washington DC. But it turns out that he has been advocating it for a long time. He even had the White House royal limousine license plates changed last year to the Washington DC slogan “Taxation without Representation.” This issue is instructive because it shows that no matter how self-serving and unjust the issue, if it will bolster Democrat power, the Democrats will treat it as a Read more […]

Ruling Class Unhappy with Signs of Federal Reserve Police State

People who pay primo amounts of money for an expensive neighborhood believe they are paying to be undisturbed. This is especially true if they are paying for high-end real estate in Washington DC. So Janet Yellen’s neighbors are quite displeased that she is spoiling their dream. From the Daily Caller: “Janet Yellen’s Security Detail Infuriates Gated Community.” Hillandale, a gated community in Georgetown where house prices exceed $3 million, has always prided itself on its picturesque Read more […]

Jerusalem Was Not the Only Den of Thieves That Jesus Will Deal With

Palm Sunday is a glorious Sunday, when we recall that triumphal entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem.  At that momentous point, the people recognize that Jesus is the Messiah, the King that was long promised in the writings of the prophets. As I was studying Luke’s account of Palm Sunday this week it struck me just how different that day was for Jesus in contrast with the crowd rejoicing about Him. I visited the U.S. Capital this week with a group of pastors from all over our country. Read more […]