If Hillary Clinton becomes President, what about Her Emails Then?

Byron York questions who could hold her accountable if Hillary Clinton becomes President. We already know that Congress seems to have no way of holding a President accountable. But Byron York points out in the Washington Examiner that when it comes to dealing with Federal email, Congress is especially impotent. Ironically, this is partially because of a law they passed. The Presidential and Federal Records Act Amendments of 2014 clearly states that email used to conduct government business Read more […]

A “Conservative Case” For The Totalitarian Nanny State?

It amazes me that I am hearing this on the RedState website. “The Conservative Case For Universal Coverage.” The person defending this oxymoron is Avik Roy. He wrote an essay of the same title for the Washington Examiner. I don’t buy it. One great point Roy made in his audio interview was that there was no need to destroy everyone’s health insurance just to cover the few people who need help. In fact, in the interview it comes out that Obama and the Democrats are not concerned about Read more […]

Why Believe The Obamacare Law Got More Attention Than The Obamacare Website?

Everyone wants to believe that government is magic and everyone who says they don’t believe in magic is maligned as an “anarchist.” We see this especially in TV shows which show cops, detectives, crime scene investigators, and forensic scientists, all working miracles on the government’s dime—showing nothing but devoted concern for doing right. Yet you will notice in these productions that the hero cop or detective or whatever other public official is the champion of the story usually Read more […]