Washington Post: Marco Rubio Is Right on Gun Control

On December 4, Marco Rubio was on CBS This Morning. He made the following statement: “None of the major shootings that have occurred in this country over the last few months or years that have outraged us, would gun laws have prevented them.” I am pretty shocked by the Washington Post’s reaction. “Fact Checker” Glenn Kessler carefully went through all the shootings beginning with Sandy Hook. [See also, “Obama Admits San Bernardino Shooting MIGHT Be Terrorism, but Is Sure of Gun Control.”] A Read more […]

Good News: Fewer Police Being Killed

Despite the hysteria you have seen in the news, there are actually fewer police being killed. I had seen the analysis elsewhere, but most recently Radley Balko wrote about the issue at the Washington Post. The first thing you might feel is confusion if you have heard reports of more police being killed. After declaring that 2015 “is shaping up to be the second safest year for police ever, after 2013,” Balko explains: Speaking of which, it’s important to note again here that 2013 was an Read more […]

Washington Post Attempts Damage Control on Ben Carson because He Speaks Truthfully about Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger

It seems Liberals are realizing they can’t stop Ben Carson with denials of the Eugenicist and population control ideology behind Planned Parenthood. The vulnerability of Liberal abortion ideology is beginning to show. Ben Carson has been able to push the message out further than others (like Herman Cain in 2012) and the Left can no longer lie. They are not resorting to half-truths to immunize against the truth those who still listen to them. Thus, this Washington Post article by Janell Ross: Read more […]

Washington Post: All Millennials Racist because Dylann Roof

It seems the actions of one lone killer means that we can condemn all Millennials and their children to sensitivity training. I don’t like millennials as a group very much because I’m old and don’t like those kids “on my lawn”—taking over my planet and moving me off. Obviously the process has barely begun but I can see it happening. I also don’t like millennials for the way I perceive some of their flaws: Obviously that is exaggerated. Perhaps it is unfair. But now I have Read more […]

Harvard Religious Bigotry Can’t Count

The mainstream media is biased, so they have no problem posturing with some Harvard religious bigotry. When you hear an “expert” prattling on about something, remember: He may be a totally ignorant, bigoted, and biased yahoo popping off about his own pet cause and ideology—and be totally and completely wrong. Robert D. Putnam is Malkin Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University. Sounds like an amazing title, and a smart guy, right? Well, he was quoted in the Washington Post saying Christian Read more […]

Washington Post: Abolish the TSA!

Our need to abolish the TSA is getting mainstream attention. Granted, it was a guest editorial, not a publication of the Washington Post editorial board itself. Still, it is a hopeful sign that C. J. Ciaramella of the Washington Free Beacon was able to print his argument with the newspaper: “Abolish the TSA.” The article begins with the recent discovery that TSA agents molested men by tampering with the screening equipment so that a male agent had an excuse to fondle/search them. This Read more […]

Washington Post Defends Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare Liar

Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare liar and architect, gets a puff piece. Here is how the Washington Post handles the admission of what we all already knew was true: “Who Is Jonathan Gruber.” Jonathan Gruber is probably having a hell of a day. The MIT economics professor, best known until now for his key role advising the Obama administration on the Affordable Care Act, has come under attack after year-old video of a University of Pennsylvania panel surfaced that featured him referring to the Read more […]

Facts Don’t Matter to Ferguson Activists

The Washington Post’s story on Ferguson activists joins with them in not worrying about facts. One of the most influential media sources in the nation, and NOT ONCE does the “reporter” ask the people she’s covering to talk about the facts of the case at the center of the entire article. It’s all about a mindless, truth-be-damned, quit-my-job-and-sponge-off-others-because-I’m-upset bunch of people who justify stealing and destroying because… well… just because I claim it’s right. Thus, Read more […]

The Tainted Testimony the Media Gave Us on Ferguson

When the media can only get stories from the witnesses who are not intimidated, the result is tainted testimony. Here’s the Independent Journal Review quoting The Washington Post: Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown fought for control of the officer’s gun, and Wilson fatally shot the unarmed teenager after he moved toward the officer as they faced off in the street, according to interviews, news accounts and the full report of the St. Louis County autopsy of Brown’s Read more […]

Even Washington Post Fears Barack Obama Dictatorship

When the mainstream media starts warning us against a Barack Obama dictatorship, we have reason to be concerned. I argued that the Supreme Court’s consensus demonstrated that the President was a radical. Now I can augment my argument. The Washington Post also demonstrates the same thing. Of course, they try to cover themselves by attacking Congressional Republicans and demanding “immigration reform.” The president’s frustration is understandable. Faced with a genuine humanitarian crisis, Read more […]

Non-Heterosexuals Make Up Less than 3% of U.S. Population

I remember back in the nineties, “experts” constantly claimed that one in ten people are gay. This was used to argue or imply that something so prevalent could not possibly be a deviation from a moral norm. Ten percent of people can’t be wrong, can they? It was always an invalid argument, but it is worth pointing out that the numbers were made up. The National Health Interview Survey has come out with its findings. According to the Washington Post, this survey is “the government’s premier Read more […]

Did Jennifer Rubin Just Demand That Rand Paul Let the Feds Assassinate American Citizens on American Soil?

Demonstrating that the Federal Government will reward people who rationalize its practice of cold-blooded murder, one of those regime court prophets is about to receive judicial power and a tax-fed income guarantee. From AntiWar.com: In a 52-43 vote, the Senate today gave preliminary approval to David Barron, author of the notorious Barron Memo, getting a seat in the 1st US Circuit Court of Appeals. The Barron Memo is a highly secret memo frequently cited by the Obama Administration as a legal Read more […]