Praying Coach and Freedom of Speech

The saga of the praying coach in Bremerton, Washington, continues.  Last night, the assistant coach attended the game as a member of the public as stipulated in his administrative leave agreement.  At that same game, members of the Seattle chapter of the Satanic Temple were watching the game and had requested an opportunity to do an invocation on the field.  After learning of the coach’s suspension, the group withdrew their request to perform the invocation. The Seattle Times reported this Read more […]

Medical Marijuana is Protected from the Department of Justice

The fight over legalizing marijuana has been long.  From the early days, marijuana used for medical treatment has been considered differently than that which is used recreationally.  As early as 1996, California approved marijuana for medical use, and, today there are 16 states total that have legalized the drug for medical use.  And now, nearly 20 years later, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington have some sort of legalized marijuana for recreational use as well. On Monday, October 19, Read more […]

Yes, There Are Good Cops… Who Other Cops Try to Jail

One of these good cops, Adam Basford, may still be successfully jailed by the corrupt thugs who drove him from the force. Here is the nation’s best police abuse journalist, Will Griggs, on Basford’s training and ethics: The source of Basford’s trouble is the fact that he didn’t define his professional identity in tribal terms. “My oath was to the public, not to protect abusive fellow officers,” he declares. “I swore an oath to the U.S. Constitution as an Air Force officer, Read more […]

West Coast New World Order: Oregon and Washington Hijacked By Governors

From local San Antonio news about the West Coast: SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The governors of Pacific coastal U.S. states and a Canadian province official on Monday vowed to collectively combat climate change by coordinating polices that place a price on greenhouse gas pollution and mandating the use of cleaner-burning fuels. The governors of California, Oregon, Washington and the environment minister of British Columbia, Mary Polak, gathered in San Francisco to commit to working together to coordinate Read more […]

Truckers Join the Patriot Movement and Head for DC

Thank a trucker. Without them, we wouldn’t eat or be able to drive our cars. They haul everything from diapers to doughnuts. While we’re sleeping, they’re driving. And they’re fed up. USA Today reports, “Brace yourselves, Washington, D.C., drivers. Angry truckers are coming to town Friday as part of a three-day protest to ‘shut down America’ and ‘restore our Constitutional Republic.’” They better be careful. DC police are armed and dangerous as one women in a black SUV found out. “The Read more […]

Boston Bombers Had Illegal Guns But Legal Pressure Cookers Gun Permits

This is rich. “A Massachusetts police official says the brothers suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon before having shootouts with authorities didn’t have gun permits.” Wow! What a surprise. Their illegal possession of guns didn’t stop these two men from getting guns illegally and using them to kill MIT campus cop Sean Collier. If they had more opportunity, they most likely would have killed more people. Criminals don’t care about laws. Here’s what we know. The two alleged bombers Read more […]

DC Most Homosexuals, Most Adulterers, Most Thieves: Is There a Connection?

I’ve always maintained that the reason people are increasing their support for same-sex sex and same-sex marriage is because it allows them to engage in what was once considered to be immoral sexual practices. “If it’s now determined that sticking your penis where the sun down shine is now morally acceptable behavior, then where does it matter where I stick it?” So it’s no wonder that the place where laws are made to stick it to us is the place where they are sticking to one another: “More Read more […]

What ‘Parents’ Magazine tells us about the State of the Union

My wife and I are grandparents to four (and one on the way) grandchildren. So we were surprised when we got two issues of Parents magazine in the mail. We figured that we got on a list because we ordered children’s toys online for Christmas. I started paging through the two issues and noticed that nearly every page had an ad on it. I don’t mind. That’s how they were able to send my wife and me a free year’s subscription. As I was paging through, I came across a “Parents Platform” for Read more […]

Speed Cameras are Watching You and Charging Big Bucks

Since 2008, Washington D.C. has been implementing dozens of mobile speed cameras disguised as green mailboxes next to bushes or trees where they are hard to see. These are much more convenient than pole-mounted cameras since they’re battery operated, can be moved easily and don’t involve underground wiring. But residents don’t like them because of the hefty fines they get slapped with if they happen to be going over the speed limit. The public outcry prompted the D.C. Council to form a task Read more […]