Fake Success: Fake Schools in Afghanistan, Courtesy of the U.S. Government

The schools in Afghanistan that our government claims to have built and run… don’t exist. There is one major school that still kind of exists that was reported to be a wild success. It did start well. Nearly four years later, water seeps through the leaky roof and drips onto students in this more than $250,000 construction. Doors are cut in half; some are missing altogether. There is no running water for the approximately 200 boys — and zero girls — who attend. But the school did enrich Read more […]

More Pentagon Corruption: $1.3 Billion Missing

Pentagon corruption has cost us trillions in the past, and the money continues to bleed. I have seen other headlines about other instances of missing money. A few hundred million here, a billion there… no one seems to care. Here’s one story I wrote about a measly couple of million dollars being unaccounted for. Whenever anyone suggests mildly restricting the unending flow of money from debt and taxes, we hear screams of outrage as if they actually spent more than a fraction of all their Read more […]

Pentagon Incompetence on Display (but We Can Totally Trust Them to Lead Us into Middle East War)

Sometimes Pentagon incompetence can take such bizarre forms it is difficult to know what to say about it. For example, the Pentagon hired a contractor to evaluate the education they were paying for their servicemen and -women to use, and the contractor was never required to produce any useful information! The Daily Caller reports, The GAO’s report, politely titled “Action Is Needed to Ensure Evaluations of Postsecondary Schools Are Useful,” explains that the evaluations “did not provide Read more […]

Government Accuses Markets Of Inefficiency, While Burning Money

One of the most painful parts of the Obamasnare campaign (an area with lots of competition for first place) was Obama claiming that that the market was not efficient. It needed to be updated. All medical records needed to be digitized (the NSA completely approved of that idea), etc. Because information is imperfect, and for other reasons, it is completely possible to find inefficiencies in the market. But fixing those problems is often difficult. Those who do it successfully are commonly called Read more […]

Millions US Dollars ‘At Risk Of Waste, Fraud, Abuse’

If you’ve ever wondered if US aid to other countries is used the way it’s intended to be used, wonder no further.  It seems that once the money has been handed over that it’s anyone’s guess who gets it and what it’s really used for.  A good example is the millions of dollars sent to help health programs in Afghanistan. In a recent report by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), millions of US dollars intended for Afghan health programs Read more […]

DHS: Sno-Cone Machines Are Counter-Terrorism Measures

As a member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Senator Tom Coburn has been exposing massive waste in the defense department. In a recent report, he focused on the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grants given to cities by Homeland Security. In his report, he wrote:  “If in the days after 9/11 lawmakers were able to cast their gaze forward ten years, I imagine they would be surprised to see how a counter-terrorism initiative aimed at protecting our largest cities Read more […]

White House State Dinners Worse Than GSA Scandal

A source of outrage for conservatives was the GSA (General Services Administration) scandal that broke earlier this year. The government agency had spent $823,000 on a single conference in Las Vegas. It cost the GSA head and several other agency officials their jobs. Jeff Neely, the public building administrator for the GSA, made headlines when photos of the lavish Vegas conference leaked, showing Neely soaking in a bathtub in a fancy Vegas hotel suite sipping on red wine with a Vegas panorama behind Read more […]