Leftist Economists Praise Their Hero Even Though His Data Is Bunk

Recently, a large group of heavyweight scientists debunked the “science” in the latest UN Climate Change hysteria report, and now one the Progressives’ economics heroes, Thomas Piketty, is found to have massively fudged his numbers to argue for wealth-redistribution. Here’s the conclusion of Robert Murphy of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute: In the interest of brevity, I had to limit my quotations from [Larry] Summers’ review. But I hope the limited excerpts above show my point: Summers was Read more […]

Ripped Men More Likely to be Conservative?

According to a study by some psychological scientists from Denmark and the U.S., men who are physically strong are more likely to pursue their own personal interests, while men who are physically weak are more likely to forego their own personal interests. The study focused on the question of redistribution of wealth and measured physical strength by the size of biceps and pectoral muscles. According to the scientists, the political ramifications of male physical prowess are a hangover from our evolutionary Read more […]

Pelosi: Spending Cuts Will Lead To “Very Little” Government

At a press conference on Thursday, Nancy Pelosi was asked about Boehner’s statement on matching the debt limit rise with dollar for dollar spending cuts. He had said previously that when the government raises the debt limit yet again later this year in August, there needs to be matching spending cuts that accompany any rise in the debt limit. She said that was just “anti-government” rhetoric:  “Yes, that’s what the Speaker says, and that is certainly in keeping with the anti-government Read more […]

The Bible and Capitalism

Richard Land, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention, sounded off recently on why capitalism is the most biblically compatible economic system. Although his article was short on biblical verses and reasoning, he made the most important point early on. Communism and socialism appear to work on paper, but they always fail to take the most important factor into consideration: the sinful heart of man. Leftists and redistributionists will often Read more […]