America Assists al-Qaeda in Removing Bashar al-Assad

Remember the explosion of pitchforks and torches, brandished by an infuriated, leftist mob over George W. Bush’s handling of Iraq? The screeching from the lap-dog media and politicians that spun in the wind of public sentiment, as to whether they were for or against U.S. military action, was incessant. Now, Obama is in the process of committing the United States to unilateral military action. No consent from Congress. No U.N. authorization. Ah, how quickly libs forget. Or, rather, how quickly they Read more […]

While the Government Molests Us It Gives up the Border

We hear so often about TSA agents groping passenger, humiliating children, forcing mothers to imbibe their own breast milk, and otherwise dominating US citizens, we are almost numb to it. No matter how much we complain, no matter how much outrage we show, the bureaucracy simply marches over us, jack boots on faces. Congress will make a few noises and then go ahead and give the TSA a pass and let it continue its devil’s work. No one is safer, but we are put in our place by the people we must serve Read more […]