Bill Ayers to Deliver Keynote Address at Association of Teacher Educators Meeting

Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers will be a keynote speaker at the annual meeting for the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) to be held February 15–19 in Atlanta, GA. Do you know what your children are being taught about what by whom? Probably not. Ayers was a co-founder of the radical Weather Underground. He and his equally radical wife, Bernardine Dohrn, hoped they could change America through violence. “Ayers first found fame for his involvement in plots to set off explosives at the Read more […]

Communist Terrorist and Obama Confidant to Speak at Annual Teacher’s Convention

The later part of the 1960s was a turbulent time in American history.  Anti-war riots were being held in cities all across the nation.  Some say it was a time to promote peace, with the hippy and free love movements, but to others, it was the time of domestic terrorism and violence. Ayers first rose to any form of prominence when he became head of the socialist organization, Students for a Democratic Society, in 1968.  Note how communists regularly use the term Democratic as being synonymous Read more […]