The Veteran Affairs Bureaucracy: High Pay With Fake Duties Warps the Human Soul

What happens when you overpay people to do very little—or worse, when you give them an official task that is impossible but expect them to earn their money by faking it? The evidence suggests that they become a more wicked and degraded version of themselves. People who are rewarded for non-productivity become warped and anti-social. According to the New York Times the initial media story has been confirmed by the VA Inspector General: …at least 1,700 veterans at the agency’s medical center Read more […]

Ripped Men More Likely to be Conservative?

According to a study by some psychological scientists from Denmark and the U.S., men who are physically strong are more likely to pursue their own personal interests, while men who are physically weak are more likely to forego their own personal interests. The study focused on the question of redistribution of wealth and measured physical strength by the size of biceps and pectoral muscles. According to the scientists, the political ramifications of male physical prowess are a hangover from our evolutionary Read more […]