The Doomed Welfare State, Illustrated

The Welfare State implosion is so obviously approaching and yet politicians still claim that anyone who says welfare or the entitlement state is “unsustainable” is a radical extremist. To paraphrase George Orwell, anyone who does math is a radical extremist. For those of you wondering about the exact phrase Orwell wrote, I paraphrased two of them: Recently, Zero Hedge tried to get around the way words are suppressed and denied by pointing out what is happening in a picture. Keep Read more […] Delivering False Hope To Medicaid Sign-Ups, And No Medicaid

More government “compassion” is on display. Early on we were told that many of the alleged Obamacare “successes” were actually people being told that they qualified for Medicaid. But those successes were actually failures, especially from the point of view of those who think they are now covered by Medicaid. is delivering nothing but false promises. Take a moment to savor the perfect irony. According to Another under-the-radar Obamacare malfunction could Read more […]

America: A Land Of Opportunity… for Lazy Bums

The IRS has chosen to ignore billions of tax “refund” dollars going fraudulently to immigrants. Officials at the IRS have inexplicably encouraged auditors to overlook common red flags (multiple refunds going to the same address for instance: one residence in Atlanta received 23,994 refund checks valued at 46 million dollars) in an attempt, purportedly, to get refund checks sent out in a timely fashion. Another report finds that about half of long-term immigrants in the United States, legal and Read more […]