Abortion to Save the Life of the Mother Not Medically Necessary?

It is almost a platitude that most laws against abortion will have exceptions “to save the life of the mother.” I wrote last week about how Wendy Davis defends abortion because she has to justify her own abortion(s?). This was odd because her real abortion was allegedly based on her baby’s severe defects. While I don’t think this justifies killing the child before birth any more than after birth, I don’t understand how Davis can use an abortion she justifies on certain reasons in order Read more […]

Why Wendy Davis Defends Abortion: To Justify Her Own

We all know Wendy Davis defends abortion. She became famous for doing so when she filibustered the Texas state legislature to prevent them from restricting some abortions. I remember her speaking strongly against men who oppose abortion, saying that they shouldn’t control women’s lives. But I have to ask, should we only allow those who have killed before have control over all national laws against homicide? Should murderers decide the penalties for taking another’s life? I suppose it Read more […]

Wendy Davis, from Fake Teen Mother to Gun Rights Defender?

The lesson here is that liberals, no matter how much they rant and pose for one another, have no chance seducing Americans to ditch the Second Amendment. When she held office in the Texas state senate, the NRA gave Wendy Davis an “F” for her stance on guns and gun control. Now, after the scandal over her public lies about her history, Davis seems to suddenly want to move her grade higher. According to SunHerald.com: While Democrats elsewhere have called for tighter gun laws, Davis said Read more […]

Wendy Davis is Window Into the Soul of a RINO: Almost Became One

Wendy Davis, the creative autobiographer and pro-abortion hero, may also be an interesting specimen to examine in order to understand RINOs—Republicans In Name Only. According to Breitbart, Davis at one time identified as a Texas Republican! “Like it or not, the Republicans wish they had Wendy Davis in their party,” former City Councilwoman Becky Haskin tells the paper. Haskin, a Republican, does not comment on the fact that her party once did have Davis. Davis was, the story notes, voting Read more […]

Another Harvard Law Grad With A Convenient Autobiography: Wendy Davis, Political Climber

I’ve spent so much time dismissing Wendy Davis, the content of this story from the Dallas Morning News almost leads me to be impressed by her: Wendy Davis has made her personal story of struggle and success a centerpiece of her campaign to become the first Democrat elected governor of Texas in almost a quarter-century. While her state Senate filibuster last year captured national attention, it is her biography — a divorced teenage mother living in a trailer who earned her way to Harvard and Read more […]

Let’s Give Abortionists What They Want

There’s a battle going on in Texas over abortion. A bloodthirsty mob is standing up for the willful execution of pre-born babies. Hollywood royalty have joined the chorus in support of keeping abortion alive (but not the babies) in Texas. Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) filibustered and protesters screamed down lawmakers to keep abortions legal in Texas. Even President Obama tweeted his support for killing future generations:   It’s not much of a bill, but it does show the extremism Read more […]