Eighteen-Year-Old Elected as State Lawmaker

An eighteen-year-old was voted into the West Virginia House of Delegates. This is one of those stories to watch. Elected at eighteen! From CBS DC: “18-Year-Old Freshman Elected To W.Va. House Of Delegates, Becomes Youngest State Lawmaker In US.” The Republican defeated Democrat Layne Diehl on Tuesday to win a seat in the state House of Delegates to become the youngest state lawmaker in the U.S. “History has been made tonight in West Virginia, and while I am proud of all that we Read more […]

West Virginia Legislature Schools Us On Pro-Life Betrayal

One of the problems with the way “checks and balances” really work is they allow politicians to pretend to be on one side of the issue when they actually take the opposite side. If I know my state supreme court judges are going to insist on pretending there is such a thing as “homosexual marriage” and I share that fantasy, I can claim to be against same-sex “marriage” in the confidence that the courts will bring about the outcome I want. Or, if I want to make sure I have pro-life cred Read more […]

Chuck Hagel’s Dictatorship Defied: 6 States Refuse To Submit National Guard To Federal Pansex Regime

Chuck Hagel has accused six states of violating Federal law and spreading prejudice. The “Federal law” is his own made-up belief in his own made-up authority to impose his made-up definition of marriage on states that don’t believe in his authority to overturn their state laws. The “prejudice” is an insane thought control campaign where the US government is demanding that all Christians spit on the authority of King Jesus and the Bible, and pretend that men and women are interchangeable Read more […]