Ex-TSA Whistleblower: “Yes, We Were Laughing”

Politico has just released an article: “Dear America, I Saw You Naked (And Yes, We Were Laughing: Confessions of an Ex-TSA Agent).” It includes a TSA Glossary. Here are a few specialized terms that TSA agents have developed for communication, with definitions: Alfalfa: TSA malespeak for an attractive female passenger. Code Red: Officer malespeak. Denotes an attractive female passenger wearing red. Fanny Pack, Lane 2: Code for an attractive female passenger. Retaliatory wait time: What Read more […]

Whistleblower Illegally Hacked! Nothing To Hide?

From the New York Post: The personal e-mail account of a State Department whis­tle­­blower was hacked, and four years worth of messages — some detailing alleged wrongdoing at the agency — were deleted, The Post has learned. The computer attack targeted the Gmail account of Diplomatic Security Service criminal investigator Richard Higbie, his lawyer, Cary Schulman, confirmed. “They took all of his e-mails and then they deleted them all,” said Schulman. He said that he could not prove Read more […]