VA Uses Private Medical Records against Whistleblowers

When the government has your private medical records, it will use them against you if it needs to do so. The headline at the Blaze says it all: “Shock Testimony: VA Officials Retaliate Against Whistleblowers by Illegally Accessing Their Medical Records.” This surprising testimony from Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner was delivered at a House Veterans Affairs subcommittee hearing, which was called to discuss the problems whistleblowers face when they try to expose the ongoing failure of the Read more […]

Ruling Class Whistleblowers Get Special Treatment

The plea deal for David Petraeus demonstrates that whistleblowers are not all considered equal by our rulers. I used the term “whistleblower” in the headline because whistleblowers are often, especially over the last few years, charged with divulging state secrets. There are others who divulge state secrets, though they usually don’t deserve to be called whistleblowers because their motives have nothing to do with helping the people hold government accountable. According to the law they Read more […]

The Obama FBI Threatens and Punishes Whistleblowers

In the Obama FBI punishments for whistleblowers are acknowledged in writing. Maybe it would be simpler to list all the agencies under the Obama Administration that don’t punish whistleblowers. We know the TSA does so. So does Veterans Affairs. And now new evidence of how the FBI treats whistleblowers has come to light. According to the Washington Times: “FBI email warns whistleblower of retaliation if surveillance program concerns reported.” The Senate Judiciary Committee is planning Read more […]

The TSA Intimidates and Punishes Whistleblowers

While misusing its authority to withhold information, the TSA intimidates and damages anyone who exposes their deeds. The National Review has now published a full article about the TSA misuse of secrecy to cover up their incompetence: “Transportation Secrecy Administration.” Current and former federal air marshals allege that the Transportation Security Administration intentionally hid embarrassing information about supervisors’ misconduct and targeted employees who sought to expose Read more […]

Whistleblowers Drying Up, Won’t Talk to Journalists or Lawyers Due to Fear of NSA Surveillance

The report blames the NSA for whistleblower fears, but even before the Snowden revelations the government committed acts that could only make people afraid to talk to the news media. The Department of Justice put taps on the phones of Associated Press journalists. They also breached the emails of James Rosen, the chief correspondent for Fox News, on the grounds that, by simply doing his First-Amendment-protected job, he was a possible criminal conspirator. These were assaults on the media, especially Read more […]

The Fearful Master is Here!

Barack Obama claimed that his would be the “most transparent” Administration in all of history. Broken hard drives, official gag orders, targeted assassinations of the innocent, and countless documented lies later, somehow I’m having trouble seeing any reflection of that claim in reality. Does this sound like “transparency” to you: The Obama administration has charged more people (six) under the Espionage Act for the alleged mishandling of classified information than all past presidencies combined Read more […]

Another VA Whistleblower: Under Investigation for Claiming Hospital Uses Off-the-Record Lists

Obama promised that whistleblowers would get special care and protection from his administration. We now see a conflict developing between Shea Wilkes and Overton-Brooks VA Medical Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, in which Wilkes is facing hostility for being a whistleblower. How soon will the Obama Administration intervene and protect Wilkes? I’m not holding my breath either. (But it is good to see that we are getting constant reminders about this scandal.) Wilkes is claiming that, just Read more […]

VA Whistleblowers Deal With Federal Revenge

Why didn’t we hear about the VA scandal a lot sooner? Of course, many people knew about it but few people came to the media with detailed information about what was going on. On the one hand we see that many lacked the fear of God that would compel them to warn others. But on the other hand it was because the VA system would avenge itself on anyone who complained to higher authorities. Fox News reports, Dozens of Veterans Affairs workers who have come forward with stories of mismanagement and Read more […]

DHS Raid For Firearms Used To Confiscate Journalist’s Private Notes

Daily Caller is reporting that a freelance journalist had her private notes taken by police in a raid allegedly caused by suspicions about her husband and firearms. In an interview with The Daily Caller, journalist Audrey Hudson revealed that the Department of Homeland Security and Maryland State Police were involved in a predawn raid of her Shady Side, Md. home on Aug. 6. Hudson is a former Washington Times reporter and current freelance reporter. A search warrant obtained by TheDC indicates that Read more […]

Cop Fired For Exposing Ticket And Arrest Quotas

Ticket quotas are one of those things that everybody knows exist, but no one is supposed to talk about. You talk to most cops about them, and they’ll deny they even exist. They’ll tell you it’s all a myth. And the few cops that do acknowledge their existence and admit their propensity for abuse end up getting fired. The reliance on ticket quotas to ensure a certain amount of revenue for the department, city and/or county varies per department. My brother-in-law is a cop, and he told me that Read more […]

Whistleblowers are Enemies of the State

The Pentagon is labeling Australian Wikileaks founder Julian Assange an “enemy of the state,” on par with bin Laden and the rest of Al Qaeda. Any military official who had contact with Assange or Wikileaks or supporters of either is at risk of being charged with “communicating with the enemy,” which can be punishable by death. Supporters of Assange or Wkileaks have been labeled as an “anti-US and/or anti-Military group.” Many have been calling Assange and whistleblowers like U.S. Read more […]