DHS Employee Pushing Race War To Kill White People

Imagine if you will a person who operates a website that promotes a race war with the white race.  Now consider that this individual is involved in purchasing weapons and ammunition.  Lastly, what would you think if you knew that person worked for the Department of Homeland Security?  Would you feel all comfy and safe? Ayo Kimathi is a black man who has been working for the DHS since 2009 and his job has been the purchase of weapons and ammunition.  He also operates the website ‘War on the Read more […]

Muhammad Ali’s Controversial Comments About Race

Over the years I’ve gotten to appreciate Muhammad Ali. Yes, he was a showman, arrogant, and full of himself, but he changed the sport of boxing forever. He was also an anti-statist. He took on the federal government. While initially he lost in the courts, he later won in the arena of public opinion, and eventually the Supreme rendered a unanimous decision in his favor. Born Cassius Clay, at the age of 22 he won the world heavyweight championship in 1964 from Sonny Liston in a stunning upset. Read more […]

Liberal Intolerance of Whitey

I posted the picture to the right on Friday afternoon, writing of it, “These are the locations where Muslims are currently rioting. Peacefully, mind you, with fire and blood. Muslims are taking over the world. How’s that multicultural condescension working out for you, liberals?” That’s all I said. An examination of these words by the savviest of students of rhetoric would unearth nothing remotely to do with race. And yet a liberal responded to me in the usual manner by writing, “Turns Read more […]