White Poet Has to Pass as Asian to Get Published: Where is White Privilege?

If white privilege is so powerful, why would a white pretend to be Asian-American in order to get his poetry published. Here is an amazing headline from the Washington Post: “A white guy named Michael couldn’t get his poem published. Then he became Yi-Fen Chou.” Sherman Alexie read hundreds, maybe thousands, of poems last year while editing the 2015 edition of Best American Poetry, an annual anthology that comes out Tuesday. Just over six dozen of them made the final cut, including “The Read more […]

Hispanic Privilege: They Don’t Believe in Same-Sex Marriage

In a painful self-flagellating article on white privilege, the writer shows the people he pities are more privileged than he is. I am tempted to say a lot of things about this rather silly piece at the Washington Post: “I tried to escape my privilege with low-wage work. Instead I came face to face with it.” And it has a teaser line: “The advantages of race and class are not easily shed, even in a falafel shop.” But they weren’t advantages of race at all, and advantage is not identical Read more […]

Better to Die Childless than Breed White Privilege?

A University of Pennsylvania professor writes she will never have children because she doesn’t want to pass on White privilege. If you wonder why activists think that, just because sociopath Dylann Roof committed mass murder, you should want the government to disarm you, you might find that Ali Michael can help you understand the mindset. Michael wrote in the Huffington Post in response to the Rachel Dolezal trans racial weirdness, “I Sometimes Don’t Want to Be White Either.” She writes Read more […]

Money Privilege in Ferguson

Whether or not it falls along racial lines, money privilege is a real problem. Every time a white person is shown to have privileges we are all told with great confidence and moral superiority that this is the problem of White Privilege. I’ve pointed out that much of the rage in Ferguson isn’t about the character of cops as much as the way the entire municipal system is aimed at shaking down and jailing poor people—who in the area around Ferguson will be mostly African American. Well Read more […]

Obama, Holder Have More White Privilege than Most Whites

White privilege is real but it isn’t white. Since a state senator in my area recently promised to remember the crimes of white privilege, I think I will take this opportunity to publicly agree with her. According to a local Fox station: “State Senator Chappelle-Nadal’s tweet on white privilege spurs uproar.” A tweet by Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal has caused uproar on Twitter Sunday. Senator Nadal posted on her Twitter account the following tweet: “LET ME BE CLEAR: Read more […]

Violence and Mayhem Have Long Been Tools of the Left

I don’t know who was involved in the Boston Marathon Massacre. Some on the Left need it to be a person associated with “white privilege” so as not to slow down immigration reform that the Democrats desperately want in order to swell their voting ranks. Liberals also want it to be somebody aligned with a conservative ideology. For Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok, it’s not a real terrorist attack unless the target is aimed at “black people or Jewish people or gay people or Muslims” Read more […]