Yo, Anti-Gun Morons, The NRA Already IS “The Black NRA” (with Postscript)

Black NRA from Sarah Silverman This video may be old news to you. But I just saw it start popping up for the first time in my Facebook feed via Upworthy. I didn’t know who Sarah Silverman was but, given the premise she thinks we all accept, I’m not impressed with her intelligence. Just think about this: The NRA is a gun lobby. It is powerful but it is also powerfully opposed. It never knows when a coalition might grow strong enough to stop it. What would the NRA think if every young Read more […]

Liberals Love to Talk About Rape as a Funny Thing

Todd Akin is in political trouble because he used the phrase “legitimate rape” when trying to make the case that the trauma of rape rarely results in pregnancy. It was certainly a poor choice of words, but nothing like the way liberals throw around the word rape. Cher Tweeted this about Akin: “[L]et Aiken get raped by man with HIV/AIDS. Nothing will happen, right? Body shuts down as defense mechanism. Idiots.” This is such a loaded statement that I’ll get in a lot of trouble if I start Read more […]

GOP May Lose Missouri Senate Seat Over Akin Rape Remark

It has been bouncing around all of the media outlets for the past 48 hours, so you’ve probably heard the gist of it by now. But in summation: Rep. Todd Akin is a pro-life Republican now running for the Senate in hopes of unseating Democrat Claire McCaskill. Akin made a comment about pregnancies rarely ever occurring from, as he put it, “legitimate rape.” Shortly thereafter the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse swept down from the sky amidst continent-swallowing earthquakes and a barrage of flaming Read more […]