Democrats Want to Eliminate Words of Hate, like “Husband” and “Wife”

The new order of same-sex marriage demands we eliminate words that make spouses sex-specific. Since George Orwell wrote 1984, we have been warned that a sign of totalitarianism is the manufacture and restriction of language. If your government wants to eliminate words it is trying to dominate you. And now the Democrats are pushing to do just that. As the Washington Examiner reports, “Dems declare war on words ‘husband,’ ‘wife'” More than two dozen Democrats have proposed legislation that would Read more […]

Pistol Packin’ Wife Drives Off 6 Armed Robbers

Last Thursday, an unidentified couple was having an early breakfast (4am) at a Denny’s restaurant in southeast Houston.  The wife had gone to the restroom, but when she emerged, she saw her husband lying on the floor of the restaurant with six armed robbers around him.  She did what all good law abiding citizens should do in this situation when she pulled out her gun and started shooting at the men.  The gunmen returned fire before leaving the restaurant. Police said that no one was hurt Read more […]

Man Shocked to Learn After 19 Years of Marriage that Wife is Really a Man

Men, what would your reaction be if you were to learn that your wife of some years had once been a man who was surgically altered to be a woman and never told you? That’s what happened to a 64 year old man in Belgium. His un-named wife was born male 48 years ago and eventually underwent sex-change surgery and hormone treatment to become a female.  This happened some time before the two met.  Then the male wife entered Belgium illegally and ended up working for the man and his first wife Read more […]