Secret Trade Pact Plans to Give Away Privacy. Surprised?

Yes it is so shocking that a secret trade pact would include things that are harmful to the populace… Because deals hammered out in secret—by an unknown number of high-priced lobbyists—are always good for the average citizen. Right. Here is Emma Woollacott at “Leaked TISA Documents Reveal Privacy Threat.” Wikileaks has released 17 documents relating to the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), currently under negotiation between the US, the European Union and 23 other Read more […]

Nations Want To Trade With U.S. But Not Enough To Over-Regulate Themselves For “Environment”

Most people in history had a habit of dying from their environment. There are people who live that way even now. There are people who have to include in their household chores the job of walking down to a water source, and then bringing back as much as they can carry. It is extra hours of exhausting daily work. And what happens when they drink it? Quite often they get sick and weak from the stuff they need to live that took them hours of time and much sweat to acquire. The environment wants Read more […]

Whistleblowers are Enemies of the State

The Pentagon is labeling Australian Wikileaks founder Julian Assange an “enemy of the state,” on par with bin Laden and the rest of Al Qaeda. Any military official who had contact with Assange or Wikileaks or supporters of either is at risk of being charged with “communicating with the enemy,” which can be punishable by death. Supporters of Assange or Wkileaks have been labeled as an “anti-US and/or anti-Military group.” Many have been calling Assange and whistleblowers like U.S. Read more […]