Did Someone from DHS Expose Secrets to Discredit Kevin McCarthy?

Wikipedia was altered to allege that Kevin McCarthy had an extra-marital affair and the IP address of the editor was that of the DHS Offices. Several times on this blog we have raised concerns about how domestic spying and surveillance could be used to destroy or control politicians. It seems as if virtually all politicians are vulnerable to blackmail. We know that the Secret Service recently used its dossier on a politician to punish him. There is no reason to think the NSA would hesitate to Read more […]

Wikipedia ignoring rampant porn problem

Fox News reports that online powerhouse, Wikipedia, is not expressing interest in filtering software that would enable the site to block pornographic images. NetSpark, an Israeli company that specializes in filtering technology, has contacted Wikipedia several times to offer them their “smart” software at a heavy discount, perhaps even free, but parent company Wikimedia has thus far not responded. Marketing Manager for NetSpark, Sarah Minchom, says: “It seems like it’s not a priority for Read more […]