Sham Equality: Women Given Extra Chances at Ranger Training

Just like marriage equality, giving women equality in the military means treating them unequally. Even if you could justify the headaches regarding personal quarters and barracks, etc, putting women in combat in the name of equality still would make no sense. We know this because we are trying to do it and it is making no sense. The Libertarian Republic reports, “Females at Ranger School Get Third Try.” Three of the eight women who signed up for Ranger School at Fort Benning two months Read more […]

Video: Raped Woman Asks Why She is Forbidden to Carry a Firearm in Maryland

A raped woman speaks directly to the Maryland legislator about why they have disarmed her and all other woman, leaving them vulnerable to stalkers and others. Thanks go to the Daily Mail for posting the video, under the headline, “Moment rape survivor stood up in Maryland state Senate hearing to demand the right to carry a concealed weapon.” Jacqueline Kahn was speaking in support of a measure that would allow residents in Maryland to carry concealed weapons for self-defense. The state is Read more […]

Clinton’s Rhetoric On Women Hides How Her Power Will Further Damage Them

So Hillary Clinton is saying stuff about needing to help women. It must be a day that ends in Y. Still, decided it was actually worth writing about: Hillary Clinton warns in a new book that the “clock is turning back” on women across America and offers a passionate argument for prioritizing the advancement of women and girls. Clinton, the former secretary of state and possible presidential contender, is one of a slew of high-profile contributors to a new report set to be released Read more […]

African Americans, Women, Especially Hurting Under The Obama Economy

It is funny how representation works. Both white and black liberals seem to see President Obama as the embodiment of the fortunes of the African-American community. Yet Barack Obama’s status as President does not automatically bring prosperity to people who look like him or share some of his ancestry. Today, in the midst of a really disappointing jobs report (that should have surprised no one), the White House attempted some spin. The Atlanta Daily News reports: The White House has released Read more […]

Piers Morgan: Women Risking Death Preferable To Possibly Defending Themselves

Everybody’s least favorite Briton, Piers Morgan, told his guest on his CNN program the other night that he finds it jolly-good when women don’t have guns. He was debating with Brietbart News’s A. W. R. Hawkins, whose position was that women with guns have a fighting chance at survival when their property or their person comes under attack. Hawkins cited the case of a Georgia woman who, along with her 9-year-old twins, was chased into her attic by an intruder. There the woman pumped him full Read more […]

Liberal Priorities: Outrage Over “Makeover” For Disney Princess

Because liberals are usually feelers instead of thinkers, they get caught up in the romantic, brainless crap called popular culture more easily than conservatives do. A recalibration of their priorities is in order, especially in light of a recent outrage of theirs: a makeover of the Disney-Pixar character Merida, the heroine of last summer’s Brave. Before being officially inducted into the Disney Princess family, Disney is giving Merida an ever-so subtle character redesign that entails a Read more […]

University’s Advice On How To Stop Rapists: Pee Your Pants

I have never been called a gun nut by a liberal, nor do I think I ever will be. I’m just not one of those types. I definitely plan on getting a gun soon and learning to use it, but I, like many liberals writing our gun laws, do not know the difference between a clip and a magazine, what makes an assault rifle an assault rifle, or whether “bullet” and “round” are interchangeable. That’s not to say that I don’t support gun nuts; I do. And being a gun nut is certainly better than being an idiotic Read more […]

Ads in Today’s “Patriarchy”: Men Are Buffoons, Women Are Brilliant

With commercials, as opposed to football, being the main focus of Super Bowl Sunday, I got to thinking about the state of commercials in today’s culture. But how many commercials have you seen in which a husband is portrayed as being smarter, wiser, or less clumsy than his oafish, doofy, klutzy wife? Yeah, it doesn’t happen. It kills me that radical feminists say we live in a male-dominant culture when the very drivers of our culture–the New York and Hollywood types–are all radical feminists. Read more […]

Radical Islamists And The Liberals Who Love Them

Remember back to the New York City mosque, and the whole controversy surrounding it? Remember how the Left defended it to the teeth? Remember when Mohammed Morsi was elected president of Egypt, and it was reported that Christians were being executed by the Muslim Brotherhood? Remember when no one on the Left said anything? This is a cycle that has continued for years: Liberals defend radical Islam, while defaming and mocking Christianity. Liberals latch onto any violence committed by a Christian, Read more […]

How Conservatives Lost Women Voters

Late last year when a presidential primary candidate was asked how he was going to reach women voters, he responded that he was polling well with women. Oh, oh. He seemed clueless about what most women really want. Once again, women were being taken for granted and once again we could lose – big time. And lose, we did. Reaching women is not a new concept. The importance of our vote should be well-known, as women have registered and voted at a higher rate than men since 1980. One would think Read more […]

How “Women’s Liberation” Has Only Made More Tax Slaves

Last month, Michelle Obama wrote an article in Elle magazine offering 5 reasons to re-elect her husband. A few of her reasons had to do with how Barack has women’s interests at heart, and that he’s been working hard for women’s rights. Her first reason people should vote for her husband was that “he’s fighting for equal pay for women”:  “Barack was raised by a single mom who struggled to pay the bills, and by a grandmother who worked hard at her job but hit a glass ceiling and watched Read more […]

Ikea’s hypocrisy on ‘gender equality’

Ikea, the Swedish home furnishing company, is under fire for contradicting its supposed commitment to gender equality. Ikea has been vocal in the past for its support of gay marriage, claiming that “gender” should not be discriminated against. However, in the most recent version of its catalog, women were removed from the Saudi Arabian version. The photos in the Saudi catalog are identical to the ones in catalogs from other countries, except for the unmistakable fact that female models were literally Read more […]