Mexican Billionaire Predicts Three-Day Work Week. Why?

Why do our elites want a three-day work week? Bait and switch? Social Security bailout? Other? God said that we should rest one day and labor six days (for awhile this was expressed in the opposite order, but Jesus’ resurrection brought many changes to the cosmos). Carlos Slim, the Mexican Billionaire, wants us to believe he is more generous than God—he wants a three-day work week. CNN Money reports on this without a trace of skepticism or even independence of mind: “Carlos Slim: Read more […]

How Recession Hurts the Poor Even if They Have Jobs

You may remember that some of our economic geniuses in the media think it is a great idea to shorten the work week. For many of our poorest, however, that policy is already a reality. Their hours shrank during the recession and have never come back. If the hours of workers averaged the same number per week that they were getting before the recession they would make, on average, another five hundred dollars per year. According to James B. Sherk in the Daily Signal, the damage of reduced hours Read more […]

More Insane Talk about Shortening the Work Week

If you can live on a part-time job, go do that. No one is stopping you. But the answer to Newser’s headline question is easy. “When Did Americans Stop Dreaming of Leisure Time?” The answer: When we realized we are poor and times are hard. Duh. Newser was publicizing this editorial by Matt Novak: “The Late Great American Promise of Less Work.” To his credit, Novak doesn’t tie his thesis to Obamacare. But it is still escapist fantasy. You might pick up a clue when Novak Read more […]

More Begging For The President To Disrupt The Economy

The virtue of this New York Times editorial is that, even though it asks the President to exercise unconstitutional authority (nothing new there), this time the unconstitutional usurpation on society was done by Congress. They committed their crime in 1938 with the so-called “Fair Labor Standards Act.” The act establishes that most workers, after 40 hours of weekly work, are entitled to be paid 1.5 times their regular wage — a.k.a., overtime. Hourly paid workers fall into this class, as do Read more […]