Sergeant York: A War Movie that’s Anti-War

Sergeant York (1941) is a war movie that carries an anti-war message. It’s the true story of World War I Medal of Honor recipient Alvin C. York (1887–1964). The York family eked out a meager existence in remote Pall Mall, Tennessee. Like most of the people in this area, Alvin had almost no formal education. Subsistence farming, hunting, and railroad work got the family by economically. While Alvin grew up in a Christian home, he rejected the Christian faith after the death of his father in 1911. Read more […]

Is the Stage Being Set for World War III?

David Boaz of the CATO Institute reminds us about World War I: World War I was a catastrophe, a foolish and unnecessary war, a war of European potentates that both England and the United States could have stayed out of but that became indeed a World War, “the Great War.” In our own country the war gave us economic planning, conscription, nationalization of the railroads, a sedition act, confiscatory income tax rates, and prohibition. Internationally World War I and its conclusion led directly Read more […]