The Doomed Welfare State, Illustrated

The Welfare State implosion is so obviously approaching and yet politicians still claim that anyone who says welfare or the entitlement state is “unsustainable” is a radical extremist. To paraphrase George Orwell, anyone who does math is a radical extremist. For those of you wondering about the exact phrase Orwell wrote, I paraphrased two of them: Recently, Zero Hedge tried to get around the way words are suppressed and denied by pointing out what is happening in a picture. Keep Read more […]

More Mysterious Bailout for the Fed from Belgium

The economic elites will do anything to keep their biggest slaves (that would be the United States), and their biggest Pimp (that would be the Federal Reserve) in the financial game long enough to cement global control. If you’re not into global macroeconomics… you may skip by this one, but… wouldn’t you really like to know whom you serve? The borrower is slave to the lender… and we’re the greatest slave nation in history, given our debt. From ZeroHedge: When we reported last month that Read more […]

Ben Bernanke Pretends To Explain The Reason For The Recession

The scariest thing about reading this report is to consider that Ben Bernanke might truly believe what he says—that his economic blindness is so deep he is authentically incapable of seeing reality. From Zero Hedge: So what was the reason, according to the man who was easily the most powerful person in the world for nearly a decade? Ready? “Overconfidence.” (no, not “weather”) Yup. That’s it. “The United States became ‘overconfident,’ he said of the period before the September Read more […]

Zero Hedge Shows That The Weather Cannot Be The Excuse For Lower Housing Permits And Starts

Whether it is retail shopping for Christmas or anything else, the official economists always come up with excuses to pretend that bad news is just a temporary anomaly. For Christmas, for lower than expected shopping in retail stores, they blamed online sales. But, as I wrote, that was not true: The signs in domestic retail are not good either. When the numbers for Christmas shopping were disappointing, economists decided it must have been because more people were purchasing online. But now, it turns Read more […]

Zero Hedge On How The Economy Is In The Basement

We have reported on this phenomenon before at Political Outcast. Zero Hedge gives a recap and brings us the new data: Over the past several years, optimists had often cited household formation as a key component of pent up demand for home purchases. So much for that. Recall that last August, the WSJ noted that in a report on the status of families, “the Census Bureau said 13.6% of Americans ages 25 to 34 were living with their parents in 2012, up slightly from 13.4% in 2011. Though the trend began Read more […]