Zero Tolerance–Teachers and School Officials Need to Get Thicker Skin

When I read this story, I kept wondering if it was real.  It is so outrageous and ridiculous and crazy and . . .   You get the idea.  There just aren’t enough words to express how incredible this situation is. But it is real.  Here is the report from WTVR CBS 6 News:  A 14-year old girl could be charged with assault and battery after she threw a baby carrot at one of her former teachers. School disciplinary documents allege a baby carrot was used as a weapon in an assault and battery of Read more […]

Zero Tolerance–Not!

A 14-year-old high school student was choked by the on-campus police officer who was there to break up a fight between the boy and a classmate. At we read: “One male student refused to comply with an administrator and was attempting to continue to fight the other student,” read the Round Rock Police Department statement about the incident, highlighting police action was taken “for his safety and the safety of others.” It said this came after “repeated attempts to calm Read more […]

Who Defines Bullying?

According to Fox News affiliate Fox 19, a boy at a private catholic school in Cincinnati, Ohio, was suspended after engaging in a staring contest with a female classmate. The incident occurred on a Monday, and school officials were contacted by the girl’s family the next day. The school spoke with Tolbert’s son the same day, a Tuesday, but didn’t inform his parents of the situation until Wednesday. By then, the boy had already penned an apology letter to his classmate. According to court Read more […]

When Zero Tolerance Is Gun Control on Steroids: What Happens When ALL Self-Defense is Illegal?

Zero tolerance means that one person rescuing another person from violence might be prosecuted as a crime some day. While there are times when one wishes for more police accountability, many other times they are the most sensible of public employees. In fact, they can often use common sense when others refuse to do so. A recent instance of this occurred when a teen began attacking a legally blind kid by punching him. Another teen intervened by punching the bully and knocking him to the ground. According Read more […]

Does the War on Drugs Turn Adults into Monsters?

When you suspend a student for a year for NOT possessing or using drugs, you have allowed the war on drugs to make you insane and dangerous. We keep getting more and more bizarre stories about how public schools act when students are accused of possession or use of drugs. For example, when a school came into possession of a student’s private journal, and read it, and found she wrote that she had used marijuana, I thought their response was insane and possibly criminal. But at least in that case, Read more […]

Keeping Roads Safe from Chapstick and Raking In Money

This news story about police keeping roads safe from “distracted driving” shows how the populace is trained to be exploited. I once read a science fiction story where a steak restaurant used modified cows that could talk. The cows were trained to want to be killed and eaten. In fact, they actually came to the customers’ tables, showed off their portions, and then, after getting an order, went back to the kitchen to slaughter themselves “humanely.” That’s pretty much a perfect picture Read more […]

The Left Wants America as Their Zero Tolerance Zone

The pansexual left is working hard to make sure there is zero tolerance for Christianity in the United States. Appreciate that in the world of the unicorn-riding Left, the only rights that exist are awarded by the state based on secular whims of division by constituency. It’s where sexual preference is celebrated, the acceptance of destructive behavior is applauded and antagonism of politically incorrect faith is the ideal. The Left does not fight for the rights of individuals. They fight Read more […]

Zero Tolerance for Six-Year-Old who Pretended Hand was Gun

More zero tolerance against boys and their imaginations was demonstrated against a first-grader in Colorado Springs. It is time to acknowledge it: Until we start punishing school administrators they will continue to demonstrate this intolerant, child-warping, and irrational behavior. We entrust the minds of our children to these arrogant fools. They suffer no consequences for betraying this trust. reports, “6-year-old suspended after pointing at classmate in shape of gun.” A Read more […]

School Enforces Zero-Tolerance Policy for Hobbit Magic

Nine-year-old casting a Tolkien spell on a student counts as “a terroristic threat” and triggers elementary school’s zero-tolerance policy. We’ve seen students suspended for having the wrong hobby in their own homes, or for gnawing a pop tart the wrong shape. Now we find it also applies to magic. From Odessa American news we get this report: “Parent: Fourth-grader suspended after using magic from ‘The Hobbit’” A Kermit parent said his fourth-grade student was suspended Friday Read more […]

Not Gun or Ammunition; Suspended from School Anyway

A child was suspended from school for possessing a spent shell casing. According to the Chanute Tribune, Chanute Elementary School is doing a grand job educating students that they live under the thumb of an anti-boy, anti-rationality police state. [See also, “Massachusetts Educrats Lose Minds over Students’ Hobby.”] The boy made the mistake of bringing a spent shell casing to the school to show his friends. A student at Chanute Elementary School was suspended last week over possession Read more […]

Student Suspended from School for Ten Days for Possessing Yellow Plastic Squirt Gun

From the Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal: A 10th-grader was suspended from Lewiston High School this week after allegedly bringing a bright yellow squirt gun to school. A source said the teen was disciplined after the squirt gun fell out of his backpack at the school. The student was suspended for 10 days in accordance with school policy on firearms, real or otherwise. Some are calling it another case of zero tolerance run amok. This squirt gun did not even have a real gun shape (in case the bright Read more […]

Man Gets Prosecuted By Zero-Tolerance Law; Friends Appeal To His Intent

An interesting and instructive story out of Buffalo: “[Dwayne Ferguson] was among local activists who stood with Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes last year lobbying for a law that would make possessing a gun on school property a felony.” Problem: Last week, Mr. Ferguson was found in possession of a gun on school property—so, he supported a law that has now ended up tagging him with two felony charges—unintended consequences, anyone? I believe this excerpt from the story includes the Read more […]