Missouri State U Considering Ban On Nerf Guns

The price of paranoia is rather steep. It started with a campus-wide Nerf gun game. About 500 people took part in October’s “Humans vs. Zombies” game, in which players try to tag other people, who then become zombies. The humans can defend themselves by stunning the zombies with Nerf guns or balled-up socks. During October’s game, a professor called 911 and put a classroom on lockdown after thinking he saw a real gun. And the university’s safety and transportation department got several Read more […]

Why Zombies Don’t Eat Politicians

To be honest, I never understood the popular appeal of zombies. I understand other monsters to some extent. They have metaphorical value. Werewolves (and Mr. Hyde as well) represent the beast within us, the powerful will to evil. I started thinking along these lines about vampires, and I noticed a peculiar aspect in their origin. It’s “Count” Dracula. He lived in a castle. He was a member of the landed aristocracy. He sucked the lifeblood of peasants. Literally. I began to think perhaps Read more […]

There Really are Zombies in America: They’re Called Voters

There are Zombies in Montana . . . and in every other state across America. They’re called voters. They feed off the living. If you’re not familiar with the story of the Montana zombie attack, some hackers were able to take over the Emergency Alert System of Great Falls affiliate KRTV television station’s regular programming and put out an emergency bulletin of a zombie apocalypse. The KRTV website says the hackers broadcast that “dead bodies are rising from their graves” in a number Read more […]

Is “Zombie Apocalypse” Used to Desensitize Us?

The CDC’s “Zombie Apocalypse Tour” apparently wasn’t just a humorous and catchy way to encourage people to stay prepared for the worst case scenario. It’s now spread to law enforcement agencies around the country. Just in time for Halloween, there will be a conference in San Diego from October 29through November 2hosted by a security firm called the Halo Corporation. In addition to having expert speakers such as former CIA director Michael Hayden, this conference, called the Halo Counter-terrorism Read more […]

Another Zombie Attack in Pennsylvania

The classic fright film The Night of the Living dead (1968) was filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now there’s another zombie attack in Pennsylvania. For the past couple years, the CDC has taken advantage of pop culture in order to encourage people to stay prepared. The zombie theme that they have employed is spreading to other disaster relief agencies of government. There’s even a comic book. The CDC explains: Our graphic novel, “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic” demonstrates the importance Read more […]