Another “De Blasio” Type Attempt Gets Defeated: Why Do Cities Hate Helping Pregnant Women?

When Bill de Blasio claimed that he wanted all pro-lifers out of New York State (agreeing with Andrew Cuomo, except at least Cuomo tried to backpedal) he was showing both his attitude and his own confidence in his ability to make it happen. With what seems to be this “new generation” or Obama-era liberals, the point is no longer to make abortion legal—it is to actively promote abortion by crippling any social force that would try to discourage abortion. In other words, one part of the campaign Read more […]

Man Fights City That Mandated He Destroy His Own Garden

“Sustainable development” sounds like it has to do with conserving the natural resources at your disposal to maximize your self-sufficiency. It sounds like it has to do with growing your own garden, raising your own animals and drawing your own water so that you don’t have to depend on the government to provide those for you. But that’s not really what they mean by “sustainable development.” It is government speak for complete government control over the environment. And it seems to be Read more […]