Taking Illegal Abortion on the Road

Notorious Florida abortionist James Scott Pendegraft has taken his gruesome practice on the road.  Pendegraft was arrested for drug-related charges in South Carolina, but he is being investigated for practicing medicine without a license.  There is evidence that he was conducting illegal late-term abortions on the mobile RV he was driving.

Operation Rescue reported:

At the time of his arrest on October 5, 2015, Pendergraft had in his possession surgical implements that were covered in blood and human tissue from abortions he had illegally performed throughout South Carolina. He was also in the possession of illegal narcotics.

His illegal abortion operation was described as a “mobile abortion clinic.”

Though the woman traveling with Pendergraft was charged with drug-related crimes, he’s under criminal investigation for practicing medicine without a license – as well as other related illegal activities

Pendegraft has no medical license in South Carolina, and he has been under investigation in Florida, as well.

When these investigations against Pendegraft come to an end, further investigation into his long-term practices may lead to victory and saved lives for many.