Your Tax Dollars at Work: 8 Christians Crucified in Syria

No, this is not a “blame America first” headline. I’m well aware that Islamic extremism is responsible for all sorts of evil.

But there have been Christians in Syria for centuries. In the contemporary world, we haven’t heard of Muslims in Syria committing atrocities against Christians until the United States government decided that, as overlords of the planet, it was our job to tell Syrians when their regime had to change.

Since then, we have empowered a Sunni extremist takeover of large portions of Iraq, which we are responding to as if these extremists got their supplies and weapons from nowhere. They came from us. And there has been plenty of news about their rise in the world. We have insisted on the overthrow of the dictator Bashar al-Assad, a ruthless man who protected religious minorities in Syria and prevented extremists from victimizing others. In so doing, we created an al Qaeda paradise in large parts of Syrian territory. While at times we pretend we are “only” supporting the “moderate,” at other times we openly admit what has always been going on, the empowerment of religious killers to overturn a secular dictatorship. Far from being “anti-war” (Viet Nam was long ago!), our mainstream media completely plays stupid and pretends that we are not the source of Sunni terrorist funding in the Middle East. They simply ignore the atrocities against Christians because they don’t want to spoil the myth that we are on the side of the “good guys.”

And while we start a new war in Iraq against the very people whom we have enabled to take over that country, atrocities continue in Syria. Thus, from the Sharia unveiled blog:

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) reportedly killed and crucified eight men in a town near Aleppo, Syria.

The independent monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the men were executed for being too moderate as members of a rival rebel group. They were crucified on Saturday and will be on display for three days in the town square in Deir Hafer.

 It is not clear whether or not they were killed prior to the crucifixion. A ninth man in Al-Bab was nailed alive to a cross for eight hours for giving “false testimony.” He survived.

ISIS has used crucifixions as punishment for a number of crimes in the past. It executed one of its own members for “extorting money at checkpoints by accusing drivers of apostasy.” Apostasy is the term for leaving or renouncing one’s faith, particularly Islam. It has also used lashings and forced amputations to punish transgressions under Shariah.

And then this note:

We have received independent confirmation from our sources inside Syria that these men were former Muslims that had converted to Christianity.  They were not ‘..rebel fighters from a rival faction..’ as many news outlets are reporting.

Each of the 8 men were charged with the crime of apostasy for renouncing Islam and converting to Christianity.  When confronted by the ISIS members, they refused to “revert” to Islam.

This is the “only” reason they were crucified. According to Islamic jurisprudence, crucifixion is a method of death reserved for Christians.  They do not crucify other Muslims.

Just to be clear, it isn’t just the President who is responsible for pushing the U.S. into support for these killers. There are plenty of Republicans in bed with terrorists too. Our ruling class has oceans of blood on their hands—many of them Christian martyrs.

Think, for a moment, how this weekend looks to God. We get to enjoy fireworks while our government funds chaos overseas.