Tea Party Betrayal Is Complete in the GOP Congress

The Republicans are now openly calling for massive spending increases making their Tea Party betrayal obvious to all.

It wasn’t that long ago that, when Rand Paul said that we shouldn’t increase spending now in exchange for promises of future spending cuts, he sounded like a Republican.

So what is going on? The recent headline from The Hill might as well announce, “The Tea Party betrayal by Republicans is now complete!” What it actually says is: “Washington is ready to spend.”

Washington wants to spend more.

Just four years ago, the nation’s rapidly expanding debt was seen as Washington’s No. 1 crisis.

When House Republicans took the majority in 2011, they made it their overarching mission to rein in spending. Together with the White House, they agreed to limit spending for the next decade by the use of budget caps.

Now those spending ceilings are unpopular with members of both parties.

Pressure to break them is coming from all sides, and building.

“We’re living with just really low numbers without any wiggle room, any flexibility,” Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas), one appropriations subcommittee chairwoman, told The Hill.

“Particularly in foreign operations, or defense, or some of the others, it’s really difficult.”

There are plenty of causes that members believe deserve more money.

Lawmakers want more funding for the Pentagon to battle the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Last week’s deadly Amtrak crash has provoked Democrats to call for higher infrastructure spending.

Other lawmakers warn that the federal government isn’t providing enough funds for law enforcement as the nation faces a string of police-violence cases involving minority communities.

There also have been long-standing calls for more funds to fight Ebola, and to fund health and science research generally.

The White House has been aggressive in calling on the Republican-led Congress to end sequestration and increase spending. Congressional Democrats have also tried to increase expenditures by offering amendments to GOP spending bills.

These people are completely insane! They really believe that we can go into debt forever and never experience a massive crash.

I always thought that, when the end came near, that people would panic and try to massively cut spending.

The fact that Obama proposed and Congress passed the sequester cuts backed up my hunch.

But look at what has happened now.

Congress wants to believe that the American economy is immortal and transcends the laws of economics that apply to places like Greece and Detroit.

What is driving the Republicans to get ready to increase spending is the desire to increase funding to the Pentagon—a government department that never wastes money and could not possibly spend the money they get more efficiently. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

Our only hope is that the two parties will both demand concessions from the other that they are both unwilling to make. The Democrats want to increase domestic spending but are saying that the Republicans must come up with a proposal to state what they will give up in order to increase spending. The Republicans think Obama should make the first move.

Yes, that is the only thing preventing us from experiencing an even greater increase in the national debt!

All we can do is pray for continued gridlock.