Tea Party Candidate Trying to Protect Republican Brand from Major TARP Villain


I have no idea if Tim Donnelly has a chance of beating Jerry Brown or not. I don’t have much of an idea of how good a governor he would be. It is hard to imagine him being worse than Brown. My main worry is I don’t see why anyone would want the responsibility of trying to fix California. Financially, it looks like mission impossible.

But the “mainstream” Republican contender makes me sick at my stomach. Did everyone else know that Neel Kashkari identified himself as a Republican? I never got that memo until last night. I knew he worked for the Bush Administration (how could I forget!) but that didn’t necessarily prove what Party he belonged to.

Donnelly is attacked hard in the media. Some of what they say just makes me like him more. But the fact that he claimed that Kashkari was sympathetic to Sharia law seems bizarre. Some are claiming that he was simply hoping to confuse people because Kashkari is a foreign name and he has darker skin. But Kashkari is Indian, so I’m not clear what reason Donnelly had for making his claim that Kashkari promotes Islam. It doesn’t look good that he made the claim, but I have no idea what facts the media is dropping from the story.

As questionable as Donnelly may be, I think Neel Kashkari must be far worse. My reason is simple: Kashkari was up to his eyeballs in the TARP coup of 2008—where the taxpayers were used as leverage to bail out multi-millionaires and billionaires, and even used to underwrite massive million-dollar bonuses. How can this man possibly win an election for anything? If we compare him to possible presidential contenders Kashkari would actually be a worse candidate than Jeb Bush.

Just to refresh your memory, Neel Kashkari worked for Goldman Sachs under Hank Paulson. Then when Paulson became the Secretary of the Treasury in the summer of 2006, he brought Kashkari with him into the Treasury Department. (Great timing for Paulson to get there just in time to arrange to protect his friends from their own self-destruction!) Kashkari was eventually given the new position, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability (interim). Eventually he left office, moved to California, and is now running for governor.

The TARP Bailout is why the Leftists now have credibility when they attack “the one percent.” If Kashkari gains high office under the Republican banner it will be more evidence that the GOP cannot be trusted with the economy.

Obama is horrible, but going back to the people responsible for TARP is not a solution.