Why the Tea Party Is the Enemy of Income Inequality

Unlike the Left, Ted Cruz is willing to name the cause of income inequality.


OK, I am impressed.

From the Daily Signal: “Ted Cruz Strikes Back: ‘Too Many Republicans Willing to Be Complicit’

In the midst of the debate over a mammoth government spending bill, Republicans and Democrats found something to agree on: their dislike for Sen. Ted Cruz, who forced a rare weekend session for the Senate.

But rather than back down, Cruz opted to call out Washington politicians on Sean Hannity’s radio show Monday.

“Enough is enough,” he told Hannity.


“Too many politicians in Washington don’t believe we can stand and fight,” Cruz told Hannity.

He lamented that Republican leaders frequently plead to put off tough fights for another day, as they wanted to do on immigration. Cruz predicted Republicans once again would find an excuse not to act next year as well

He then goes on to say something quite profound in our context.

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Ted Cruz is the first—and only—elected leader I’ve seen who dares to state the truth: Income inequality is the product of big government.

So-called “Progressives” are typically the ones to make the most noise about this subject, but can they really be so blind as to miss that it is their own worldview that produces gross inequalities? Show me a nation in the world with a strong, centralized government and I’ll show you a nation with gross income inequality, where despicable men use the power of government to rob their neighbors.

Senator Cruz said all this:

[D]uring the first six years of Obama’s presidency, “the rich and powerful have gotten richer and more powerful.” He noted that the top 1 percent in America today earn a higher share than in any year since 1928.

“The bigger government gets, the more it becomes a favor factory, the more it becomes special gifts for the powerful and connected,” Cruz said. “So what was the priority of both houses in this omnibus? It was every payoff for all the lobbyists rather than honoring the promises.”

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The problem is not simply “the system;” the problem is evil people. The only way to deal with that inescapable earthly human reality is to limit and distribute all forms of power as much as possible, and let freedom reign.

Limit power, and you limit the evil one man or small group of men can do.