Tea Party Fighting For Its Life In Alabama

Today, many are considering Alabama to be a test of Tea Party v. Establishment GOP. From the Hill:

Establishment Republicans, looking to push back against Tea Party conservatives they blame for undermining the GOP brand, face an early test of their clout with the grassroots in Tuesday’s primary election for Alabama’s 1st congressional district.

Amid a concerted effort by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to secure a win for former state Sen. Bradley Byrne in the deep-red district, polls show his race against conservative underdog Dean Young remains a toss-up.

“No one can say that one side will definitely win, and that’s what’s got everybody so nervous,” said David Mowery, an Alabama-based Republican strategist.

Byrne and Young are vying to replace ex-Rep. Jo Bonner, who resigned last summer to take up a new position with the University of Alabama. The winner of the GOP primary is considered a shoo-in to win the Dec. 17 special election.

The Chamber spent about $200,000 to boost Byrne’s campaign amid widespread concern over the clout wielded by Tea Party lawmakers who led the GOP charge to shut down the federal government in a failed bid to repeal ObamaCare.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and several other GOP lawmakers have voiced their support for Byrne. Bonner has also endorsed the career politician as his replacement.

By contrast, Young is running a shoestring campaign, reportedly employing just one staff member.

The Hill post characterizes this as a “GOP Civil War” in their headline.

I know nothing about the candidates. In theory it is possible for someone to get the “Tea Party” label who isn’t the best Republican candidate. I will need to do more research to have an opinion on the particulars.

But sometimes I vote simply on the basis of sides. As far as I’m concerned, any group is dangerous and delusional if they think the government shutdown and the desperate attempt to defund Obamacare is something so bad that it has to be fixed. Such people are in love with big government and will watch the US government lead us into debt-perdition just to make some money for themselves in the short-term. Such a group needs to be defeated.

If you’re in Alabama today, think about what is at stake.