Tea Party Groups Sue IRS Over Targeting

The White House would love nothing more than to be able to sweep its scandals under the rug and forget they ever happened. They’ve been trying to convince everyone that the IRS scandal was just the result of a couple agents in Cincinnati targeting conservative and tea party groups on their own without any supervision. And since Steven Miller resigned (he was resigning anyway), and Lois Lerner was put on leave, that should fix everything. And you can’t forget Sarah Hall Ingram:

 “The Obamacare official in question, Sarah Hall Ingram, had been serving as commissioner of the office responsible for tax-exempt organizations from 2009 to 2012—the division included the group that targeted Tea Partiers—and has since left to serve as director of the IRS’ Affordable Care Act division. That unit is responsible for enforcing parts of the health care law, including the fines associated with the so-called individual mandate—the requirement to buy health insurance.”

 The fact that a person in charge of tax-exempt organizations who likely had a hand in targeting conservative and liberty oriented groups will be heading up the department in the IRS that will be enforcing the individual mandate under Obamacare shouldn’t concern anyone. As Jay Carney said, you might as well be a birther if something like that bothers you.

The whole IRS fiasco was likely far more widespread than a couple of low-level nobodies in a local Cincinnati office. The targeted groups had received pestering letters from IRS offices around the country, not just from Ohio, with date stamps as recently as May 6th of 2013. And Lois Lerner’s signature can be seen at the end of many of those letters. But she assured us that she didn’t do anything wrong or illegal or anything against IRS rules and regulations and that she has a right to keep silent about everything else.

Now the IRS is getting a tiny taste of its own medicine:

 “The 29-page lawsuit named Attorney General Eric Holder, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and several IRS officials—including Lois Lerner, the division director who refused to testify before Congress last week. The suit claims the constitutional rights of 25 Tea Party and other conservative groups were violated when tax workers singled them out for a drawn-out vetting process. The American Center for Law and Justice is arguing that the Obama administration overstepped its authority and violated the First and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, the Administrative Procedure Act as well as the IRS’ own rules and regulations.”

 We’ll see how far this gets. Let’s hope that every other tea party group that was targeted joins the lawsuit.