Why Teach Young Kids about How to Give Sexual Consent?

Sexual consent must be taught “at the very earliest stages” in school, according to some.

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[Note: I originally wrote “toddlers” in the headline, because “very earliest stages” seems really young. But in the context of school you are probably talking about kindergarten at earliest. Still pretty young, but not toddler-age. Sorry for the mistake.]

I’m not sure why public schools feel it necessary to teach about sexual practices. I know they keep claiming there is widespread misinformation. But with all the information freely available, it always seems like the public education bosses are upset that people get their information from other sources. They want to be in control.

But if we accept that public schools are going to teach students about sex, I still have to wonder why a curriculum should start “at the very earliest stages to develop an understanding of healthy relationships and consent.”

That is the demand of the Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, who also happens to be a public Lesbian—according to Life Site news. While I’m not clear on how Canadian government works at the provincial level, it seems as if Wynne believes she is the boss of education for the whole region. Is that really how the system works?

In any case, this seems to be the last in a bizarre history of targeted sexual propaganda:

The curriculum was first revealed in 2010 by the then-McGuinty government and immediately buried after a province-wide uprising of concerned parents. The curriculum would have taught children to question their male/female identity, about oral and anal sex, masturbation, and experimental family structures.

Critics said the curriculum, which was developed during the time Wynne served as education minister, contained an explicit homosexual agenda that normalized homosexual activity and relationships. Their concerns about the explicit program were bolstered when the province’s former deputy minister of education Dr. Ben Levin — who oversaw the development of the sex-ed curriculum — was arrested in 2013 in the wake of an international child pornography and child exploitation sting. Levin was charged with making and distributing child pornography as well as arranging for a sexual offense with a child.

With that background, one might wonder why exactly Wynne is so focused on a teaching of “consent” starting at “the earliest stages.”

Gwen Landolt, national vice-president of REAL Women of Canada, told LifeSiteNews that teaching children about giving consent “presupposes that sexual activity even at the ‘earliest ages’ is alright, providing that you consent.”

Landolt called the sex-ed ‘consent’ add-on “very worrisome” since it could eventually lead to adults having “access to children, providing the children give their consent.”

Yes, it sounds bizarre. But it is no more bizarre than giving children drugs so they don’t go through puberty so they can get “sex change” operations (so-called) before they experience early adulthood in a normal way.

What perversion or abuse is really outside the realm of possibility for these people?