Teacher Sues Schools for Terrorizing Her with Gun

She was doing her job when a gunman with a hoodie began terrorizing her. He was there with the school’s permission.

Back in May 2013, Phil Hodges posted about the incident here at Political Outcast. He wrote:

A charter school in the small town of Halfway, Oregon was shocked by an unannounced “active shooter” drill that involved two masked “gunmen” entering a meeting room and shooting 13 of the 15 occupants. After a few seconds, the teachers realized that it was only a drill, because none of them were bleeding.

It was all a part of a drill put on by the Union County Police Department. The shooters were actually members of the school staff who had dressed in hoodies and masks and fired blanks from their guns. Students were at home for an in-service day.

After the drill (and probably a couple heart attacks), they had discussed precautionary measures to protect themselves from such a scenario in the future. The drill showed the teachers how much they need to have immediate protection. So armed security and armed teachers were both thrown around as ideas. Wouldn’t it have been horrible if one of the teachers were carrying a concealed weapon during the drill?

Now a teacher is suing. The Oregonian reports:

Elementary school teacher Linda McLean sat at her desk on a calm blue-sky Friday afternoon nearly two years ago when she heard the clatter of what sounded like a falling ladder, followed by running feet.

A man dressed in a black hoodie and goggles suddenly burst through her classroom door. He leveled a pistol at McLean’s face and pulled the trigger. The terrified teacher heard gunfire, smelled smoke, felt her heart racing, she says.

“You’re dead,” the gunman said, and stalked out of her room.

But McLean was alive. The hooded man’s gun was loaded with blanks, part of a surprise “active shooter” drill at Pine Eagle School District No. 61, a charter school in the tiny eastern Oregon town of Halfway.  The gun-toting man was Shawn Thatcher, the school district’s safety officer. 

McLean was a casualty of what she now describes in a federal lawsuit as a harebrained drill in the middle of an in-service day – April 26, 2013 – that has left her with post-traumatic stress disorder.

I have no idea if McLean is exaggerating her symptoms to win sympathy or not. But what happened to her is just wrong and ought to be ruled as criminal. I’m glad she is suing.