Teacher Suspended For Showing Students Common Household Tools

Students aren’t the only ones being suspended for drawing, making hand gestures, chewing food in the shape of or thinking about guns or things that could be used as weapons. It’s all about purging their still-developing minds of guns; brainwashing them to think that guns and other self-defense tools are inherently evil. But this brainwashing campaign evidently applies to teachers as well.

As part of a curriculum-required “tool discussion” at a Chicago elementary school, 2nd grade teacher and 17-year veteran of the school system Douglas Bartlett thought it would be a good idea to bring a toolbox to class to teach his students about screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and even…a pocketknife [gasp!].

The teacher was careful not to let any of the students handle the tools, and when the show and tell demonstration was over, Mr. Bartlett placed the tools securely in their box and placed it on a high shelf, out of reach of little ones.

When school administrators found out about this atrocity, they suspended Mr. Bartlett for 4 days without pay. You see, they have a “no tolerance” policy with regards to weapons. No one’s allowed to bring knives to school. Not even the teachers. Never mind the fact that it was a small pocketknife, and he brought it for purely educational purposes. Remember, no tolerance.

Come on. It’s not like he brought an “assault weapon” or an explosive device. He brought tools that are used to fix things. It fit in perfectly with the “tool discussion” that was part of the curriculum. He probably thought, “Hey, I’ll just bring in my toolset, and I bet the kids would love it.” And they probably did enjoy learning about the different tools, but these days, I guess government schools have little to do with learning anything of practical value. In essence, the teacher was suspended for doing his job.

Mr. Bartlett responded to his suspension with a lawsuit. The Rutherford Institute decided to help him out and sued the Chicago School District on his behalf for violation of his “constitutional due process rights resulting from the overzealous application of political correctness.”  He’s suing for money damages and to have his suspension expunged from his record.

I hope he’s successful, that is record is cleared, that he’s compensated for the 4 days that he lost and that the school officials who overreacted are fired. There should a no tolerance policy on school administrator stupidity.